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5 Ways To Send A Video

Learning how to send videos with a video email platform is super easy (says the video emailing platform blog). 

For those that are new to video emails, let me breakdown the reason a business professional would send a video message. Video messages, aka video voicemails, allow you to replace plain-text emails with an eye-catching, personalized video.

Imagine seeing someone smiling and holding up a whiteboard with your name on it? You’d feel pretty special, right? Well, of course!

Well, you’re not the only one. Replacing a plain-text email with a video can improve click rates by 65% compared to the average plain text cold emails, which have an email click-through rate of 3%. With this much success, business professionals need to adopt video email into their communication practices today.

Okay, now back to using a video email platform.

Covideo is a video messaging platform and, to be straightforward, is the best way to send videos from Gmail, Outlook, your CRM, and our mobile app.

In this article, I will walk you through how to use our video emailing platform to send videos and why Covideo is the best way to send videos through email. You can expect to learn about emailing videos, texting videos, and adding videos to your CRM. 

If you don’t have a Covideo account, then sign up for a 7-day free trial. We don’t ask for credit card information cause we’re cool like that. So let’s begin!

Send videos by email

Let’s get one thing straight. Videos are massive files. If your email were carrying a backpack, adding a video would be like packing a fat boulder. The email probably won’t get that far. To ensure your video is delivered and appealing to your recipient, you need to use a video emailing platform.

1. How to send a video by email in Covideo

Sending video through email, specifically Covideo’s email platform, takes less than five steps. If you have a free trial account, you can follow along. 

Once you log into your account, you’ll be able to record or add pre-recorded videos. Then select the send and share button and navigate to the “email” tab. 

This will look exactly like any composed email. You can fill in the “To:” field, add a subject headline, add a little plain-text in the body, and then boom, send it off. Your video is already in the email body, so you don’t need to worry about adding an attachment.

Here’s an example of what you’re recipient will receive:

By sending you a video from Covideo’s platform, you now will receive notifications when your video is viewed, hotspots of the area you’re video was watched, and if the recipient clicked on your CTA buttons.

Sure, you could learn how to send large videos without a video email platform, but you’ll run into issues like SPAM filters, zero video analytics, and trying to get a recipient to click on a sketchy, unattractive URL. 

If you do choose to go down this route, and decide to send your video message in the form of a link, many of your recipients will receive emails like this one below:

Yes, it’s sad looking, but more importantly, it’s not personalized, and sending these links will not give you an insight into your messages’ engagement.

We’re biased. That’s clear, but the best way to send long videos is with a video emailing platform. 

You might be thinking, “But what if I want to email from my personal email or my CRM?” We got you covered! Through Covideo’s Outlook and Gmail extension, you can seamlessly add and record videos within your browser. 

3. Covideo’s Gmail and Outlook Add-ins

If you’re like me, then a routine is one of the most crucial parts of your workday. You wake up, you have your coffee mug and sit down and open your email. With Covideo’s add-in, you don’t need to modify your routine.

By installing the Gmail add-in, you’ll have everything you need to share large video files. Check out our video below to learn about our Gmail add-in.

If you’re not a Gmail user, we also got you covered with our Outlook add-in. Like the Gmail add-in, you can record videos or add previously recorded videos to your outlook emails.

Plus, you’ll have access to all your video analytics, so you won’t need to open up Covideo’s website.

Covideo alleviates the stress of learning how to send video through Gmail or how to send long video on email from Outlook.

Any free trial or paid user can integrate video messaging into your daily work routine! First, be sure to install Covideo for Gmail or Outlook.

4. How to send large video files from your CRM

Depending on your industry or your company’s business practices, you may need to send videos from your CRM. If this applies to you, then watch this video closely:

Covideo’s CRM code lets you paste your video within your CRM’s message body.

This is the best way to share large video files because your customers will see a personalized animated snapshot of you. 

Once they click on the moving image, they’ll be taken to a landing page with your call-to-action buttons. With the clickable buttons and your video message, you’re making your video a one-stop-shop for your customers.

5. Go mobile: Email & text videos from Covideo’s app

Not everyone is near their computer when they respond or send video emails. With Covideo’s mobile app, you can share video messages from your iPhone and Android.

If you want to know how to send large video on Android or how to send large video files from iPhone, simply go to Google Play Store or the App Store and download Covideo. All free trial and paid users have access to Covideo’s mobile app!

Once you downloaded Covideo, you will have access to your video library, the ability to record videos or upload videos on your phone. 

Unlike other video-sharing apps, Covideo doesn’t host your videos on a public server. Your videos remain private until you decide to share them.

Now that you know how to send videos…it’s time to start!

Covideo is the best way to send video files because you have the option to email them from Covideo, Gmail, Outlook, your CRM, and your smartphone. 

So stop wasting time trying to learn how to send large video files without the video email platform. Treat yourself to our compatible, user-friendly video messaging software. 

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