7 Great Reasons to Use Video Email

You want more business and you want to run your business more effectively. Then look no further. Video email can accomplish both those goals and more. Here are 7 great reasons for using video email.
1. Differentiate yourself from the competition. Take the competitive advantage by sending video emails instead of the standard text email. Establish yourself as a leader by using technology that many others haven’t even heard of.
2. Develop familiarity. People like seeing who they are doing business with. Seeing you on video helps solidify a comfort level with your customers. You gain credibility and earn their trust.
3. Really say what you mean. Text emails leave plenty of room for misinterpretation. Video emails eliminate confusion by showing your body language and facial expressions.
4. Say it with consistency. Consumers respond to recognizable images of your company as well as a consistent marketing message. A video email has the branding you want and you control the message consistency.
5. Target the younger market. Speak to Gen X and Gen Y in the format they’re most comfortable with video. Younger customers are immersed in video technology so meet them in their comfort zone.
6. WOW the older market. Baby boomers have just recently discovered video. Capitalize on their enthusiasm over this new technology and make a lasting impression with video email.
7. It’s all about the human touch. In a world where technology often removes us from personal contact, video email brings the human element back into the equation. Online doesn’t have to mean impersonal.
Are there more reasons to use video email? You bet! Watch for the list of financial benefits coming next week!

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