A Digital Dealership: Enhancing the Car-Buying Experience 

These days, just about anything can be purchased online, all within just a few clicks.

A recent survey conducted by Root & Associates revealed 86% of car buyers would choose a dealership that offered online car-buying capabilities over one that did not. Over half of the participants in this study even stated that they were “extremely” or “very likely” to conduct their entire car purchase online. This includes selecting the specific car and model, negotiating the final price, submitting their credit information and filling out paperwork. The final step is physically going into the dealership for one final inspection of the vehicle before driving off. embed video in email,

What does this mean for dealerships? They’ll need to focus more time enhancing the online car-buying experience. embed video in email html, video mailer, 

A Digital Car-Buying Generation

Many may be surprised to learn that millennials are currently the largest generation purchasing cars in America. AutoRaptor reports that this generation spends approximately 17 hours on research prior to purchasing a vehicle, with 45% of their research being completed on their cellphones. video conferencing

Millennials are optimizing the car-buying process more than consumers ever have before. Car buyers are more educated about the process and are ready to invest the time it takes to find exactly what they’re looking for. When shopping for a new car, nearly 2/3 of Americans go online to compare brands, prices, models and features before actually heading into a dealership and speaking to a salesperson. video mail

Likewise, the internet-generation does not have the attention span many dealerships might hope for. Therefore, it’s vital for dealerships to get their brand and message across to them quickly. What better way to do so than through video messaging? 

Video Messaging for Dealerships 

With a video email platform, you can record a personalized video to introduce yourself when an initial lead comes in, or send a vehicle walkaround video highlighting the features and condition of the car that was inquired about. Even better, you can embed video in email, so when the viewer opens up your message, they’ll be greeted with a personal video customized to their requests. An email video message provides an immersive way to connect with, and experience the car in advance of a test drive. And even better, it’s easy, efficient, and effective.  embed video in email html, video mailer,

Personalize the Car-Buying Experience

If your dealership isn’t creating a memorable buying experience both on and offline, your buyers will take their business elsewhere. video email for outlook

With a digital dealership, you have the freedom to conduct most of the car-buying process on your own time, and you’re removed from a high pressure environment. In addition, by sending video messages and video emails, your customer still receives a personalized service that as humans, we crave. They can see your people, know who to look out for when they visit the dealership, and see a full 360 degree view of the vehicles they’re interested in, all from their living room. embed video in email gmail

Make the Change: Go Digital

With social distancing, the virtual showroom is no longer in its infancy. A digital experience will soon revolutionize the automotive industry and become a key piece of technology in helping consumers decide on their next vehicle. Start laying the groundwork for it today with our 14 day free trial, so when the market demands it, your dealership will be ready to serve your customers needs. free video email for outlook

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