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Advice on How to Deliver Great Video Messages

The quest to effectively get your messages across clearly is never-ending. Closing the deal, connecting with loyal clients, or trying to make a great first impression requires impeccable communication. In today’s fast-paced and cut-to-the-chase world, people want their information quickly. The most compelling way to do this? Video.


The way we are consuming content is changing, so we need to change the way we deliver it as well. Using video to get people interested in your work or your company can help get (and keep) your audience interested. Videos don’t actually have to be professionally produced to send powerful messages, all they need is a deliberate one that will help solidify your reputation. These videos can be recorded using your cell phone or webcam and should last no more than three minutes. A short, yet effective video, will deliver fundamental information about what you or your organization can offer a potential client. However, with such a short window of time, it is important that you choose your message carefully.


Get the most out of sending your next video email with our tips on how to deliver great video messages.


Be aware of your background and distractions

When filming, be sure that you record in an area with minimal distractions so that your viewer can keep 100% of their focus on your message. Keep your work environment clean. If you want to be taken seriously, you will also want to make sure that nothing too personal or inappropriate can be seen in the background of your video.


Communicate clearly

In order to deliver great video messages, you’ll need to make sure that your communication is crystal clear. Sometimes, writing down what you want to say, or creating a video outline, will help guide you through your video. This will ensure that you’ve touched upon all of the topics you wanted to cover.


Be genuine

Feel free to practice recording your video multiple times. You can also record it multiple times and delete it until you feel you’ve got the shot. However, remember that your video will never be 100% perfect, so don’t get too caught up in trying to create a flawless video. After all, your customers, or potential clients, want to see your authenticity, not robot-like recorded messages.


Have a point

Have you ever walked away from watching a video or listening to a speech and think to yourself, “What was that person even talking about?” Even if you haven’t met your video audience yet, respect them and their time by having one main point. Keep in mind that having too many messages can create the same problem as having none.


Keep it short

Your video will be so much more effective if you keep it short and sweet. When you are planning the content of your video, be aware of what type of message you want to send out and anticipate that you should summarize it to be around three minutes long. A video that is longer than a couple of minutes could potentially fail to hold your viewer’s attention, resulting in the message being lost.



Although you’ll be doing all of the talking, think of your video message as a two-way conversation. Imagine that your relationship with the viewer on the other side of the screen began before you sent your video, and will continue long after. In addition to this, you’ll need two important things to make your message great: confidence and eye contact. Be sure to translate your words into a language that your viewers will be comfortable with and make eye contact by looking directly into the camera lens. This will enable you to make more of a connection with the viewer and let them feel as though you are really there with them.


Offer a solution

All customers are looking for a better solution. By using video, you can successfully inform and demonstrate real-life solutions for your customers. Show your viewer that your product or service can save them money by using video as evidence. This will ensure that your marketing message will be noticed.


Show the uniqueness of your product and offer something incredible

Everybody loves free stuff. After explaining how awesome your product is, offer the viewer something that will encourage them to seek additional contact. For example, “Click the link below to try our product for free for a 14-day free trial.” Or, “Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get a free download of our e-book.”


Show customers who is behind the business

Customers are always appreciative when they can see business owners presenting their own products and services. These types of videos have the ability to build trust between the consumer and the business owner. As a business owner, you can customize your videos for each viewer to show them what kind of solutions you offer and what types of features will benefit their company.


By getting these points right, you’ll be ahead of the game in terms of not only sending great video messages but also building a better business network!


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