Communication Coaches Need Video To Be Successful!

Allan Knight is a former Zen Monk turned Communication Coach. He has infused 30 years of Eastern philosophical wisdom into a simple 9 step formula to achieve greater personal and business success rapidly. Also, Allan is a passionate Covideo user. We had a little chat with him and found out what he loves about video communication.

COVIDEO: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your current position and how long have you been using Covideo?

Allan Knight: I am a Communication Coach helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and other professionals increase their business by unleashing their personal magnetism and communication mastery. I have been using Covideo now for about two years.

COVIDEO: How are you utilizing Covideo in your role?

Allan Knight: I am using Covideo through personalized self-introductions via e-mail and also by instantaneously posting video tips on my social media

COVIDEO: What do you like about Covideo? How is it helpful in your position?

Allan Knight: First and foremost, I have never had better customer service, everyone is friendly, helpful and always goes the extra mile. I also love the fact that by having a much more  personalized approach in my marketing, sales and customer service my business is soaring

COVIDEO: Can you tell us about a specific instance when you used Covideo that you felt was particularly successful?

Allan Knight: Almost everyone I send an introduction out to is blown away by how unique and personal I was using this technology.

COVIDEO: What plans do you have for using Covideo in the future?

Allan Knight: I plan on uploading many more video tips onto my social media, and will also begin sending intro videos to new Facebook connections.

COVIDEO: What would you recommend for other business professionals exploring video as a communication tool?

Allan Knight: Do yourself a favor and take their free trial. You won’t regret it! Since using Covideo, my business has increased over 30% and I am sure that using Covideo has helped me to achieve that!

Check the video by Communication Coach Allan Knight:


A goal of a communication coach is to communicate effectively with its audience. To achieve that, coaches are constantly searching for the best platforms, tools and other ways that would improve the relationships they’re building. These relationships are a vital part of their business performance. Therefore, communication coaches can’t be successful if they aren’t building strong relationships with their clients.

One man can steal the show

Communication, as such, needs to be on a personal level. However, this doesn’t mean that communication coaches don’t talk to bigger or massive audiences. They do! It just means that any other type of communication wouldn’t be successful if the relationship with individual clients isn’t working. Let’s say you meet this communication coach named Peter at one conference you attended for your company. After talking to him for five minutes, you’ve realized he doesn’t have much to contribute to your professional skills. Maybe he doesn’t have enough knowledge about your industry, or you just didn’t click with him. It doesn’t matter what’s the reason; the outcome will be the same. You will probably never invest your time and your money to visit any event Peter will hold in the future.

Personalized communication in consultant’s world

These things happen, and they are perfectly normal in the business world. Of course, this just shows that one-on-one communication is very important for communication coaches. To be the best they can be, they often pay a lot of attention to personalized communication. Every existing or potential client is an individual persona. Treating clients like they all are the same will only hurt your business. They all have their specific lives, characters, needs, wishes, challenges, etc.

This is why personalization is the key to their communication success. So, if you as a communication coach wouldn’t talk to your potential client using general phrases, shouldn’t your email communication be the same? For instance, imagine you are Peter who we previously mentioned. This morning, you spoke at a local sales event about the importance of a reward system in a company. During a coffee break, the Sales Manager of one insurance company approached you and asked would you be interested in holding a seminar for his department. You exchange contact information and now what?

Be personal from the first contact

For example, you could send a personalized email to this manager thanking him for his interest and asking what would be the best time to connect to discuss details. Better yet, you could send him a video of yourself. Remember, you are a communication coach! Your appearance means everything to you and your clients! Why then limit yourself to express it only with words? Video communication allows you to be yourself. Sending the video to this manager will remind him why he wanted to hire you for this job. Your whole message will be enriched with the tone of your voice and your body language which will lower the chances for misunderstanding. There are many video email platforms that made it easy for you to include videos to your email accounts and send them to whomever you want.

Am I saving time or wasting it?

You are reflecting your skills and experience in your videos. On the other hand, sending a video email instead of typed email is considered time-consuming. That’s a common belief among those who haven’t still tried to communicate through video. But, recording and sending a video email is usually a lot faster than typing and editing your email message. Besides, we speak faster than we write, right?

To clarify, video emails will provide you and your clients with the most effective relationship. Start recording videos to show the audience your knowledge, skills, and passion for what you’re doing. Remember, if you want to show it, show it with video instead of text!



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