Enhance Your Sales Pitch with Video

In the world of sales, breaking through the noise and standing out among competitors is a challenge. People are constantly overwhelmed by sales calls and emails, so as a salesperson, it’s difficult to differentiate yourself among the rest. Sales reps only have an instant to grab their audience’s attention, so they must execute their sales pitch ideas with creativity.

Out of all the sales pitch examples, over the phone in the form of cold-calling is one of the most common. Yet, this is an outdated technique. The outreach process can no longer just consist of basic phone calls and boring emails.

It’s time to start sending video messages.

Incorporating video messages into the outreach process is a unique way to stand out and make an impact. Video messages grab the attention of your  audience from the moment they open your email. Video allows your audience to see the person behind the message, therefore building trust immediately. Plus! Your audience sees the emotion within your sales pitch, which typically gets lost among phone calls and plain-text emails.

If you need help implementing video into your sales strategy, download this eBook, which offers 10 templates for most sales scenarios. Also, take a look at the steps below to help you get up and running.

Crafting Your Pitch

Your first step is to determine how to start your sales pitch. It’s important to only focus on the necessary details because you want to limit your video to  1-2 minutes. In a clear and concise way, you must clearly state who your customers are, the problem your customers are facing, and how your product or service can solve that problem. If nothing comes to mind right away, there are plenty of sales pitch examples out there to get inspiration from.

Watch this video of our Covideo specialists breaking down the elevator pitch.

Getting in Touch

Once you have perfected your best sales pitch, one liners included, the next step is delivery. You need to get your sales pitch heard, so this is where you must get creative. If you reach out over the phone but get a voicemail, follow up with a video message. With video you can deliver your sales pitch with enthusiasm and authenticity. This makes your sales pitch much more memorable against all the plain-text emails. 

Following Up

You recorded your video message and clicked send…now what? Your audience is probably pretty busy so how are you supposed to know the best time to follow up? Well, you’re in luck! Covideo has a tracking feature that allows you to receive real-time notifications when your video is watched, and you can also see how many times it was played. . The tracking feature helps determine the best time to follow up and shows who’s most interested in your product or service.

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