5 Best Places to Search For Higher Ed Jobs

If you’re searching for higher ed jobs, then you know it’s hard to find the right position. Whether in teaching, administration, student success, or elsewhere, higher edu jobs can be both highly competitive and specific in terms of qualifications. As such, you know how important it is to use the right service so that you can find the perfect higher ed job for your qualifications and goals. Not any old job website will do.

Fortunately, various websites are specializing in higher ed jobs. You can use these sites to find a new job or post a new position available at your institution. From these websites, you can apply for higher ed jobs or contact job posters for more information. Some include other resources that can help you in the application process. 

So, without further ado, here are the 5 best places to search for higher ed jobs online. 

Search for Higher Ed Jobs on These 5 Websites

The Chronicle of Higher Education

chronicle of higher ed jobs

The Chronicle of Higher Education is the leading website for higher ed news. Unsurprisingly, then, The Chronicle also features a top job search platform for higher edu jobs. Job seekers can look up Chronicle of Higher Ed jobs by keyword, location, or position type. Position type is divided between executive, administrative, faculty positions, and jobs outside of academe. You can set up an account on The Chronicle of Higher Education jobs board to upload your resume, set up email alerts for personalized job recommendations, and shortlist jobs you find recommended.

If you need job advice, you can also use The Chronicle of Higher Education jobs board to find job search tips and compare salary data. Advice articles include topics about virtual interviews, cover letters, conference tips. You can use salary data to discover the likely pay for a given career or position. You can even learn if you’re being underpaid in your current job or job offer! Overall, The Chronicle offers the perfect job search website for anyone in higher education who needs advice, information, or opportunities.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, also known as HERC, is a website exclusively for higher ed jobs. You can search for jobs by keyword, state (including Canada and international options), or job type (academic/faculty, executive, or staff/administrative). You can also search regional HERC websites for higher ed jobs in a specific region or state. If you need help, HERC provides articles and webinars on all topics related to getting a job in higher ed.

Universities can sign up for HERConnect to post jobs and access resources for recruitment and job retention. These resources include articles, webinars, and toolkits for recruiting top staff, promoting diversity and inclusion, and retaining employees. Job seekers can also be reassured that universities that post positions through HERConnect will be directed to top applicants and retain a commitment to equitable hiring. HERC is thus one of the best websites for higher ed jobs seekers and recruiters to connect.


higher ed 360

HigherEd360 is an all-in-one source for higher ed jobs, associations, conferences, and graduate student resources. You can search for schools by location (city, state, or zip code) or alphabetically. If you need help with your search, HigherEd360 includes help articles and a resume/CV writing service. 

The website can also help you with higher ed-related assistance unrelated to your job search. You can use it to search for associations in your field, look up upcoming conferences, or search for other web resources for graduate students, postgrads, and veterans. Remember, academic associations and conferences can help you make the necessary connections that will help you find your perfect higher ed job, so be sure to diversify your approach while searching for a position.


higher ed jobs

Higher Ed Jobs is an excellent resource for finding the specific job that you want. You can search for higher edu jobs by category (administrative, faculty, or executive), location (including different countries and remote options), school and institution type, and type of job (dual career, adjunct, part-time, etc.). The website also includes advice articles, webcasts, and higher ed news stories. You can also lookup institution profiles, salary data, and diversity resources or sign up for their newsletter, Insider Update.

For employers, you can use Higher Ed Jobs to post jobs, make your institution profile, and look through resumes for prospective employees. You can also sign up to receive diversity and inclusion resources, connect with military and veteran candidates, or use your HigherEdJobs account to post about job openings on social media. Ultimately, Higher Ed Jobs provides an excellent platform for both institutions and job seekers.


linkedin jobs

Finally, you can always use LinkedIn to search for higher ed jobs. You can search for higher edu jobs by keyword, location, experience level, company (or institution), or job type (including full-time, part-time, internship, and remote opportunities). You can also apply for some jobs directly on LinkedIn; just make sure to upload your resume and fill out your profile for the best opportunities.

Since LinkedIn advertises jobs in all fields, it does not provide the same academic-specific resources as the above platforms. However, LinkedIn also acts as a social networking site that can connect you with others in your field. The best way to find higher ed jobs on LinkedIn is to connect with other professionals and follow academic institutions. This way, you can build relationships with people who can help you find a position and receive notifications for openings. Even though LinkedIn isn’t specifically for academic jobs, it’s still a valuable website for connecting with fellow academics and finding new opportunities. 

Other Ways to Find Higher Ed Jobs

If none of the above options have what you’re looking for, you can always try a more specialized resource. There are job websites and boards specific to a region or academic field. You can also go directly to the website of a university that you’re interested in search directly for job postings. No matter where you go, be sure to reach out to mentors in your field or career that can direct you to the best resources for your job search, connect you with potential employers, and advise you on best practices during your job search.

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