Hit Refresh: How New Energy Can Revamp Performance

When sales reps are feeling motivated and energized they are going to perform better. When the energy begins to falter, then the success of the team can also suffer over time. Keeping this energy up all day, every day can become challenging. 

That’s when you bring in Techpoint’s Sales Bootcamp.

This past week, Covideo was fortunate enough to bring in eight individuals to try out the Sales Development Representative (SDR) position for a whole week. The Sales Bootcamp is a four-week program, hosted by Techpoint, that provides hands-on sales training and skill building for individuals looking to make a career change into tech sales. As a smaller business, bringing in eight new faces was a big change. Not only did the volume levels rise, but their energy revitalized the whole office.

The team of eight “Sales Bootcampers” had the same responsibilities as our full-time SDRs. They were expected to help generate new business opportunities by dialing-out to lists of outbound prospects. Even for seasoned SDRs, the process can become monotonous and draining. Our team had grown accustomed to the excitement of booking meetings. The team of eight completely reversed the energy surrounding SDR work. For the group of bootcampers, each answered phone call was a win worth celebrating. The excitement that they produced over small successes was infectious for the rest of the office.

Even though it was for a short amount of time, the eight bootcampers that worked with us for the week refreshed our traditional routine. They brought a unique variety of personalities and attitudes to the workplace that we had previously been lacking. Jeff Huffman, an Account Executive, pointed out that “the new faces and new backgrounds created a buzz around the office.” This vibrancy advanced performance and attitudes, and resulted in a more successful week for our team.

It’s always good to bring in new people to breathe new life into your sales process. They bring with them new perspectives and new ideas that your team may have been overlooking. While we don’t expect you to bring in eight SDRs every week to fire up your sales team, switching things up every once in a while can pay off in the long run. Try implementing some of these simple changes to boost the mood and overall performance:

  • Change up the seating chart and have everyone relocate to a new desk
  • Try out a new sales script and test new pitches
  • Incorporate a reward system with gift cards or lunch when a goal is hit
  • Switch up the office playlist 
  • Hire a four-legged friend to be the team mascot (trust us it works)

The final piece of the puzzle is upgrading your current sales process with a new sales tool. Video is the missing piece that your team needs to step up and stand out. Start a free trial with Covideo to try out the product that will help your team catapult performance.

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