How can startups and tech companies benefit from video?

With the rise of new technology and a constant need for innovation, startups and tech companies have the opportunity to enjoy new business opportunities. With many new technological solutions on the market, customer curiosity is growing and they are given more options to choose from. As a result, tech companies need to stay on track with advancements and continuously improve to win in this competitive battlefield.
Utilizing the right marketing tool can play a huge role in helping a tech company rise above others, and there is one marketing tool we have in mind: video.

Video in a company’s sales and marketing strategy

It is important to consider the situation on the market. The tech market is highly competitive and innovative, so no matter how good your product is, there will always be another one taking the spotlight soon if you don’t adapt to changes. Therefore, using video as a communication and marketing tool to bring awareness and engage customers is of high importance to keep the momentum going.
Videos are known to engage the viewer’s mind more than other content. When used as a communication tool, it has the power to connect people on a personal level and makes the communication process almost as good as if it were in-person. If used as a marketing or sales tool, video offers benefits other tools just can’t replace. It is a form of visual marketing where nonverbal communication takes its spotlight. Body language, voice tone and other communication elements that can be found in a video are critical to winning a customer’s trust.
Offering a short product explanation video or a video about a solution to a problem your customers may be facing would mean a lot to your audience. It will save them time from doing research by themselves and from going to your store or customer support to get the information they’re looking for. Video can easily keep your customers informed, updated, engaged and save both your company and your customer’s valuable time.

Benefits of video in different business areas of startups and tech companies

1. Inbound sales

Sales representatives spend a lot of their time communicating with existing and potential customers. They need to understand their customer’s needs and what exactly they’re looking for. A sales representative’s success depends a lot on this communication process and video is the best medium that can shorten the gap between the two.
As an inbound sales and marketing tool, video improves credibility and has the power to demonstrate solutions and share information that can easily be processed in the customer’s mind. You can improve your inbound sales strategy by incorporating video into your connection with your prospects. Record a short video answering questions that may concern your prospects and include it in your inbound channels. This will save your time and give you the chance to focus on other activities while still effectively communicating with your contacts and offering them a strong interactive experience.

2. Outbound sales

Cold calling and all other outbound sales strategies are slowly losing their meaning. Generating new leads can be a hassle if you don’t own the right tools or have the perfect skills to do so.  Today it’s popular to use an outbound email strategy, but unfortunately, a majority of these emails never get opened.
Emails with video have proved to have 5.6% greater open rates and 96.38% higher click-through rates on average than those without video. Content Marketing Institute reports that even 70% of marketing professionals achieve better conversion rates through video than any other form of content. The reason behind it is the fact that videos offer a higher dose of personalization to your emails and give you the chance to adapt to your prospect’s expectations and needs.

3. Customer support

Fast Company reports that around 65% of the population classifies as visual learners. Instead of relying on written manuals to show your customers how a certain product works, video can serve as your visual “manual”. It shifts the focus from telling to showing all the benefits of your products and lets your customer experience the real value of them. Moreover, your customers will remember content with video more than with any other visual assets.

Sometimes your customer may be facing a certain issue with your product online, such as a software-as-a-service (Saas) or any service offered on your webshop, web page and other. In this case, you can make the experience of showing the solution even easier through video screen sharing. This approach lets your account or customer success manager lead a product experience tailored to each customer’s needs. Using video is inherently interactive on its own, but taking the viewer step-by-step with a video sharing option makes it easier for both the support team and customer to solve the issue.

Result: Customer retention

It’s already a known fact that people buy from those they trust, and gaining trust is not easy. Once your customers have decided to trust you and bought your product, you have to invest in keeping that trust to make them stay. Your customers want to feel appreciated and cared for, so sending a video message after a purchase is always a good idea. Not only will it connect you better with your customer, but it will also raise your credibility.
Furthermore, asking your customers for feedback through video will show your customer how much you value their opinion. At the same time, your chance of them answering your email will be higher and their feedback will be at your disposal in recognizing improvement opportunities.
Today more and more companies are turning to video as their sales and marketing tool. It has shown to be useful in all aspects of one’s business, but most importantly in keeping companies close to their customers and nurturing relationships. Below is a short video demonstrating some possible ways tech companies and startups can use video in their business: 

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