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How To Record A Video On Your Computer

Before we get too excited about recording a video, do you have access to a video capture software?

By video capture software, I mean, do you have the ability to record from an internal or external webcam? Or is there a screen recorder with an audio feature that also lets you include your webcam video on the screen?

If not, don’t fret!

All of these features are easy to get and will help you record the highest-quality videos for your business needs. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to record a video using Covideo, outline some use cases for using a screen recorder, and show you how to send via email a video or screen recording. Let’s dive in!

Record your screen, self, or both

Covideo is a video messaging software that provides users with state-of-the-art screen recording and webcam overlay.

Suppose you need to know how to video record yourself presenting a PowerPoint or how to record a computer screen for a customer. In that case, a video recording software like Covideo is perfect for you. 

How to record a video on your computer 

Once you sign up for a Covideo free trial or paid account, you can record a Covideo right from your online account. Let's dive into how to record a video on your computer and desktop.

1. Open up a Chrome browser on either a PC or Mac and navigate to After you log in, you will see the red record button on the upper right-hand side.

2. You will have three recording options:

3. You can record yourself & your screen, your screen, or just yourself. When you click on the option with your screen, you will need to select the webpage you'd like to record on.

If you want to record yourself, click on "Cam Only," and a webcam window will display. Make sure your browser allows Covideo to access your camera!

4. Click on the red record button to begin the countdown. For the recording options that include your screen, your video will start after you press "share.”

5. After the countdown, you can start recording! You will have the options to "pause" your video, "stop sharing,” or "finish video." And that's how to record on computer with Covideo!

Use cases for a screen recorder with audio 

So we've covered how to record on computer with a webcam, but let's not forget there's screen recording capabilities as well. Here are a few common ideas for when to use an online screen recorder: 

  • Supporting your customers with clear instructions and demonstrations that show how to solve an issue or perform a task
  • Providing detailed instructions on how to do something
  • Recording webinars and online lectures
  • Recording educational lessons for teaching 
  • Sharing a presentation or giving a demo where you want both your screen and webcam displayed 
  • Communicating internally with team members
  • Providing feedback to colleagues

Read our blog to learn more about how to screen record using the Covideo Chrome Extention.

How to email a video or screen recording

Sending videos via email is a headache in the making when you don’t have a video messaging platform or video capture software.

Imagine sending a prospect or client a personalized video that they then have to download, search for in their files, and then go back into their email to respond.

With this process, it’s unlikely you’ll get a response. 

The reason videos are a pain to email is that video files tend to be pretty large. Common email platforms like Gmail and Outlook have a file size limit for attachments, and videos longer than 30 seconds don’t usually cut.

This is why Covideo uses a transcoding method. 

Our software takes your video, regardless if you uploaded it or recorded it through the online application, and compresses the file, all while maintaining the original video resolution. So you can be confident that your video will be played back on all devices and browsers. 

Learn how to send a video or screen recording in the video tutorial below:

Start recording videos for free

Through a Covideo free trial, you will have access to our online video recorder, computer screen recorder, unlimited video hosting, video emailing, Gmail & Outlook Add-ins, video annotation, captions, CTA buttons, video landing pages, our Covideo mobile app, and much more.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to record on computer using a webcam and screen recorder - all that's left to do is get started.

See a demo to learn more about using Covideo, or start sending video emails in minutes with our 7-day trial.

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