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Internal Communication: 7 Ways Of Using Video

Whenever we are talking about communication, the goal is effective communication. It is the set stone of any business success. However, everything starts with internal communication. In the long run, if your internal communication is not sufficient, all the bricks will easily fall apart.

Whether it is external or internal communication, there is no more productive communication than the face-to-face one. Let’s be real; face-to-face communication is not always possible. Therefore, in business communication, the most used one is for sure email. According to Radicati Group, the number of emails sent per day is around 205 billion. In other words, 2.4 million emails are sent every second. How many of them do you leave unopened? How many times didn’t you get the replay on your sent email? In the sea of business emails, people started to see them as not personalized, annoying and not always efficient. As a result, many people are taking emails in internal communication for granted.

The rising power of video

With digital transformation and the rising power of video, every company that is trying to stay up to date is including video in all types of external communication. On the other hand, the potential of video in internal communication is still not fully recognized. The reasons for that are various. Fear of being in front of the camera, high expenses, lack of time are just some of the excuses people use daily.

The reality is that sooner or later it will become the most common way for internal communication. Why? In the first place, video breaks all the time and space barriers. The biggest plus of that is for sure money saving. Not to mention that video engages your recipient better than text in any way. People focus better on your message, they feel your emotions and have a higher understanding when receiving a video. In other words, video connects people on a deeper level. Isn’t that what we all want for our companies?

Probably, there is a fear of where to start with internal videos? Or maybe, you already use some types of video in internal communication, but don’t know how to improve that. That is why we bring you seven types of internal communication videos you should consider when it comes to effective internal communication.

1. Announcements and general updates video

Use announcements video to congratulate your employees on a well-done task or to inform them about some news they should know about.

Sharing feelings and emotions via video in internal communication gives a human touch to your company. With video, it is easier to show your enthusiasm. Happy announcements are easy to make,  but not all news is always good. A video is a channel that makes distributing bad news less painful.

Everyone knows that 90% of communication is non-verbal. If you can’t show your body language, many people won’t get how important this news is for you as a unite. After all, the video makes all the individuals feel like a complete group.

The importance of this kind of video is big. Why? Updating your employees about the news that can change their everyday work life builds trust and satisfy curiosity.

In short, the video gives the ability of real-time information dissemination. Also, with video, it is easier to structure and break down big information into small facts.

2. Mission, vision, and statement internal communication video

Did you know that research shows only 4 in 10 people know what their company stands for?

In fact, less than 50% of people feel connected to their organization. Get that team spirit out! How? Video is a perfect tool that will in an engaging way show your employees what your company stands for.  With introducing them to the believes and values you cherish, it is easier to boost their engagement, build trust and improve their productivity. To put it differently, it is easier to work harder when you understand the higher goal. And the best of all, you can use mission, vision and statement video internally and externally.

3. Internal Webinars

Webinars are online seminars. They give the ability to your employees to be interactive in a learning session about a specific topic. The biggest bonus about Internal Webinars is the ability to be a part of them from any part of the world. Like this, you save a lot on transportation and time cost but you still invest in your employees. Also, people across an organization can follow and interact with an expert on a specific topic. Invest in your employees! They are your most valuable asset!

4. Explainer internal video

Learning with video is easy! Screen sharing options give you the ability to demonstrate a more complex task. Step-by-step video guides through a specific task can save time and simplify the whole process. When you can’t meet them face-to-face, screen capture video gives you the ability to walk recipients through the ins and outs of presentations, project and proposals at any time. In a way, it is better than face-to-face because people can easily replay it and remind themselves about the important parts.

5.  Meet the team video internal communication video

Creating a video message is a great way to introduce new hires. Like this, your current employees will instantly put a face to a name. Also, they will be able to learn a few essential facts about the new employee. This will give them the ability to approach them easier and to continue their future communication. Moreover, if all the others answer to that video email message with a video or a quick welcome reply, the new employee will feel accepted. It’s a win-win.

6. Follow up internal video

Time and space barriers are real things in 2018. Bussy kind of life gets us all. So many times, employees can’t be part of some important meeting because of a business trip or some other meeting. Follow up internal videos are great solutions in that kind of situation. You can easily inform them about all the important outcomes of that meeting and all the task that are assigned to them.

Also, when you pay a lot for a conference, you want the whole team benefits from it, not just that one person. That is why Follow up videos gives your money higher value. That one person that attended the conference can record a video that highlights all the most important facts from the conference.

7. Peer-to-peer internal communication videos

For this kind of communication, emails are a usual form. Everyone is typing and sending all day long. As it is already said, many times those emails are not opened and in those situations they are useless. Video in email means 5x higher open rates. Sounds good? The internal peer-to-peer video gives the ability to understand the point of the message easily. Also, it gives human touch and it makes communication more personal.

After so much reading, it is time for you to start recording! Peer-to-peer video emails are the easiest form you can start with. Like that, you will break the fear of being camera nervous quickly. Happy recording!

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