With Internal Communication to Happier Employees

You cannot take care of your customers if you are not taking care of your employees. After all, they are the ones who are in constant contact with customers. In the automotive industry, employees are a crucial element in creating customer satisfaction, and if you are not sure about that statement, you are probably doing something wrong.


Who is responsible for delivering your business vision to your customers?


Who is the first person your customers come to when they need information about your products and services?


Finally, who gives the best feedback on your customers’ behavior?


Let us introduce you to the powerful world of internal video communication.


Effective internal communication among dealerships leads to success, and the result is not only visible on an internal level but on an external one as well. Customers pay attention to the way salespeople treat them. Before thinking of customer satisfaction, you should focus on your employee satisfaction first.


Get your employees engaged with internal video communication

It is important that you encourage your employees to communicate among themselves – horizontally and vertically. When using marketing skills in employee engagement, it brings positivity and helps you to understand employees’ values. Also, if they understand your dealership’s culture and mission, that will provide them with a clear vision of where they belong and how they can help build success. Creating an environment where people feel connected encourages them to care more about what they do and leads to better individual and company performance.


This is why internal video communication is your best solution!


Get your employees to stay

“If you think good employees are expensive, try bad ones!” is probably one of the best quotes about company culture.


Investing in your employees is vital if you want to create a feeling of belonging and caring. Not having motivated people that will share your vision will cost you more than just money. On the other hand, engaged employees are less likely to leave and seek jobs elsewhere. Retention is a priority! When a dealership is focused on making sure their people know the goals, culture, and mission of the business, retention won’t be a problem.


Get your employees to share the enthusiasm

The best brand ambassadors are always your satisfied employees. If the people who represent your company are not enthusiastic when talking about your products or services, your customers will probably not be enthusiastic about it either.


Are you aware that leads from employees convert 7 times more frequently than other leads? Your sales performance will improve when you inform and engage your employees, especially with internal video communication. When your sales performance improves, your brand awareness and reputation become more positive. It is as easy as that! Ensuring your employees want to recommend your dealership means you have to create a connection with them, so they feel comfortable recommending you to their family, friends, and acquaintances.


Get your employees to create the best customer experiences

Creating the best customer experience should be the focus of each employee, from the bottom to the top. All employees are brand advocates, especially the ones who are communicating with customers on a daily basis. Since they are close to customers, they are the ones that can get all the information about how the dealership can improve the customer experience by detecting factors that are distorting it in any way.


Listening to your customers’ needs is imperative for success. They know what they want, and they will tell your employees about it. This is why your employees have to be your main focus all the time. Making them feel valued and conveying your mission, goals, along with what makes your dealership unique will bring you many satisfied customers who will love telling stories about your great employees.


Why not include a video?

Using video for internal communication increases their engagement.


According to Forrester Research, employees are 75 percent less likely to read text emails than to watch videos. Not only will you be able to deliver complete information to your team players, but you will encourage them to use videos to discuss ideas, educate themselves, etc. Your employees will more likely choose video over plain text because it makes them feel appreciated. Not to mention that it opens many opportunities for business growth. Video saves time, increases the connection between colleagues, ensures integral data flow, adds a personal touch and opens numerous possibilities for a successful and positive work environment. 


Why not start with internal video communication today?


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