Personality Traits of Successful Sales Professionals

What types of personalities do successful sales professionals possess? You might imagine someone that’s outgoing, ya know, the type of person that enjoys talking to anyone and everyone. We agree, this quality is common in a sales position, but you don’t need to be a social butterfly to be successful in sales.

In sales, personality and personal connection are what sets a person apart. It’s great to have personalities that are sociable, so long as they can build a rapport with a prospect. At the end of the day, people do business with people they like, which is not exclusive to extroverted personalities. 

Listed below are character traits that quality sales professionals possess. 

Desired Character Traits for Sales

  • Confident

It doesn’t matter if you’re loud and proud or quietly confident. Believing in yourself is one of the best qualities to have in sales. In most sales situations, it’s going to be you and the prospect–no one else. Having confidence that you can deliver what’s expected is the first hurdle. Don’t mistake arrogance with confidence though! Unlike arrogance, confidence stems from a healthy self-esteem, but it also comes from knowledge of your company’s product or service. Even if you’re not the most confident person, you can develop a thorough understanding of your product/service to rely on when prospecting.

  • Collaborative 

Were you the type of student that loved group projects? In sales, your goal is to work with current or potential customers to find the right solution for them, while driving sales success for your team. People that are more collaborative tend to be great listeners because they are interested in the other person’s point of view. Understanding your prospect’s pain points will make it easier to guide them to the solution that fits their needs.

  • Insighful

After providing a quick comprehensive pitch of your product, are you able to go off script and think on your feet? This quality is helpful when a potential buyer throws you off with a new question or pushback. Even if you don’t know the answer, insightful questions will lead to a meaningful conversation.

  • Bold

According to Harvard Business Review, “Less than five percent of top performers had high levels of self-consciousness”. Why? Sales can be an uncomfortable process, and if you’re easily embarrassed than you may have a hard time asserting yourself in a sales situation.

  • Adaptable

Change is constant in a sales environment. If you’re able to react appropriately to an unplanned phone call or meeting, then the fast-paced world of sales is a good fit.

  • Integrity

Successful sales professionals don’t need to lie in order to close a sale. Credibility is extremely important, and even the tiniest lie can hurt your company’s reputation. Great sales professionals don’t exaggerate their product or service, they want to make sure the product is a good match for their potential buyers.

The Worst Traits for Sales Professionals

Just as some characteristics can help you succeed in a sales role, here are some traits to avoid. Below are some undesirable personality traits for a sales professional.

  1. Aggressive
  2. Passive
  3. Passionless
  4. Thoughtless 
  5. Indecisive 
  6. Irresponsible 
  7. Arrogant  
  8. Shy
  9. High-strung 
  10. Pessimistic
  11. Ornery
  12. Overbearing
  13. Self-conscious 
  14. Greedy 
  15. Unemphatic

Express Your Personality with Video

Prospecting is no walk in the park. Picking up the phone or writing a cold email won’t communicate your message, or you, as clearly as an in-person meeting. But in-person meetings are not always an efficient use of time.

In order to get more face time with your audience, sales professionals are implementing a new communication technique to their sales process: video email.

Videos display your personality in an engaging and authentic channel. Unlike plain-text emails, you have the ability to introduce yourself to a prospect with a more humanized greeting. This is great for any personality type, even if you’re camera shy.

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