Put it in Action: Insurance Videos You Should be Sending

Insurance is a highly relational business. Handshakes, coffee trips and in-person meetings are all important when attracting new clients and retaining current customers. But, meeting face-to-face isn’t always possible, so you must find new ways to stay connected. That’s where video comes into play. 

If you’re wondering, what can using video as part of your online presence help you create, I have one word for you: relationships. Video puts a face to the name and helps to build trust from the moment your prospective client begins watching your video. Video also conveys the important aspects of face-to-face communication such as body language and tone of voice – qualities that plain-text email can’t display. This personalized communication helps to build stronger relationships faster than impersonal emails.

Insurance is not just about finding prospective clients, but caring for current ones as well. As insurance agents, your clients rely on you to protect their most valuable possessions: cars, homes, and most importantly, their families. During difficult times, you must reassure and support your clients, so it’s important to be able to connect in a way that shows empathy and sincerity. 

Let’s take a look at some personalized video examples for insurance that you can use within your own communication.

Introduction Emails

Cold calls and impersonal emails are not as powerful as they once were. In our online world, face-to-face introductions are extremely important in order to build trust. Personalized video messages are a great option when reaching out to new prospects. In the video, introduce yourself and provide more information about the insurance benefits you offer. From there, ask to set up a meeting to learn more about your prospect. A video email campaign allows the prospect to see your face and establish a human connection, while also saving time. 

Meeting Recap

After meeting with your prospect or client, send a follow-up video to recap some of the main points you discussed. This personalized interactive video is then easy to share with others who weren’t at the meeting to keep everyone up-to-date on important information. Your clients can also look back on these videos to refresh their memory of what you discussed, especially if you provided a quote for their benefits package.

Claims Process Explanation

Insurance claims are quite confusing for many people. They’re different for every company, and their processes vary, so this is the perfect opportunity to create a simple video.

Provide some important information and clarification regarding the claims process and offer extra resources they can use. Make it clear you’re available in case they have any questions or concerns. You’ll get tons of credit and organic, positive feedback from those who had a seamless claims experience.

This type of video is perfect not only for claims but also for other frequently asked questions.

Referral Requests

Asking for referrals can be awkward, but they’re necessary. Most of your clients probably know someone who’s looking for new insurance, which can be a great opportunity for you. Send a video letting your client know how much you appreciate their business and support. From there, ask if they could pass your name along to anyone in the market. Asking for a referral with a video is a lot more meaningful because your client can see the person behind the message and will feel more inclined to do so.

Client Testimonials

People trust online reviews the same as a personal recommendation. Consequently, reading positive reviews will make them trust your business more. Use Covideo’s video reply feature and have your satisfied customers send a video testimonial. From there you can share the video testimonials with prospects and provide unscripted opinions and credibility.

Ready to add video to your insurance process?

Now that we’ve talked about the different types of insurance videos to send, it’s time to mention how to include a video in an email. Covideo is a video email platform that allows you to send personalized sales videos from your computer or mobile device. 

Still need some video in email support? Reach out to one of our video experts and they can provide video email templates, video email marketing examples, and video email subject lines to help you get started.

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