You Need to Make Recruitment Videos Part of Your HR Strategy

It’s 2019, and if recruitment videos still aren’t part of your HR strategy, something has got to change.
Cisco has predicted that 85% of all internet traffic will be made by online videos by 2020!
That’s less than a year from now.
So, if you want to stay on your potential candidates’ radar, you need to add recruitment videos to your HR strategy.

How are employers using video in the recruitment process?

Every step of the candidate journey is worthy of a video.
Recruitment videos can be used to present your brand, your company culture and your hiring process.
They can even be used throughout the hiring process for testing and interviewing job candidates and saying “thank you” for applying.
Find out how you can create video recruitment content for every part of the candidate journey.

5 reasons you should make recruitment videos part of your HR strategy

Appealing to new generations of talent

In just a couple of years, millennials will make up nearly 50% of the workforce.
If your goal is to get the greatest and freshest candidates on your team, you need to get on their level.
A crucial part of this is embracing the benefits of video recruitment.
Across all genres, millennials consume more content on their smartphones than any other generation. This new generation has different preferences and habits, which you need to take into account when recruiting. To get to them, you’ll have to reject traditional means of recruitment in favor of the more contemporary and efficient.
Millennials are tech-savvy, and video content is what they want.
If you’re lucky enough to capture their attention, they’ll expand your company growth and drive innovation.

Engage candidates more effectively

The fact that people prefer video over text is becoming more and more common, especially in the workplace.
By using video, your brand’s message immediately becomes more effective and interesting. This is why many companies have started sharing videos on social media and adding them to their career sites.
You can use recruitment videos to:

  • Sell your employee value proposition to your candidates
  • Make your company stand out in a sea of cold recruiting emails
  • Deliver personalized communication throughout the hiring process

Videos allow potential candidates to obtain information about the brand in a way that is both appealing and engaging. Check out this blog post for some more ideas on how to use video to engage applicants and employees.

Find talents that fit your company culture

According to a study done by Harvard, 80% of employee turnover is linked to faults in the hiring process. Many of these errors occur during interviews.
Many employers let the specific skill set they are looking for overshadow one of the most essential qualities – the cultural fit.
During the hiring process, it’s important to search for potential employees that will blend well with your organizational culture. Doing so will help improve the employee experience and increase employee satisfaction. This means more effective job performance and a better functioning team overall.
Using videos in recruitment can help attract the perfect fit. By presenting your potential candidates with a video that portrays everyday life at your workplace, your potential job applicants will be able to envision themselves at your company.
Video allows candidates to assess whether or not your company is looking for someone like them to join their team. This is a huge help in the hiring process because candidates will voluntarily opt out of the hiring process if they feel they wouldn’t make a good fit.

Improve your search results

Did you know that job descriptions that include the word “video” in them yield a 500% increase in click-throughs and 50% more applications?
Recruitment videos are an amazing tool that can be used to boost your SEO efforts. By simply including videos in your job postings, your organic traffic will begin to skyrocket.
If you add videos to your company’s career page or job ads, you’ll rank higher in Google’s search results. This is one of the most straightforward approaches to boosting your organic recruiting and staffing search results and online brand visibility.
In short – Google loves video!

Promote employer brand

Your employer brand is the way your company’s prospective applicants and employees perceive you as an employer.
Videos are ideal for promoting your brand image and presenting your company as a top employer.
You can use video to tell a story or highlight your core company values. You can also give potential candidates a glimpse of life at the office and show off your company culture.
Sharing genuine and authentic clips that make your company’s personality shine allows you to show potential employees how awesome it is to work with you.

Use recruitment videos to improve the whole HR process

The long-term success of any organization heavily depends on its ability to recruit and retain high quality talent. Recruitment videos can help you reach more candidates, grab their attention, increase your application rate, tell your brand story in a compelling way and enhance the overall hiring process.
Above all, recruitment videos can express your company’s culture, office features, authenticity and team spirit in a way that words cannot.
Whether you are creating a recruitment video, accepting video applications or performing video interviews, this medium is a must in recruitment.
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