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10 Videos To Create With A Screen Recorder

A screen recorder is a lifesaver nowadays. With a screen recorder, you can record yourself, screen, or both.

You can capture presentations, record troubleshooting solutions, train new hires, demonstrate your product or service, and create marketing videos. In this article, we’re going to 10 different videos you can create using a screen recorder. We’ve also split them up by department, so you’ll know the best videos to make for sales, marketing, customer service, and internally. Before diving in, let’s take a look at why a screen recorder should be a must in your toolbox.

Why use a screen recorder?

A screen recorder is extremely versatile, and once you have easy access to once, chances are you’ll use it daily. A screen recorder is a powerful tool to demonstrate items to customers, coworkers, prospects – you name it. It can be used throughout all aspects of your business – from sales, marketing, customer service, internally, and more.

Likewise, installing a screen recording software will save your team a ton of time, especially when using these videos in replacement of plain text.

Pcture this – your coworker reaches out to you and asks how you typically update a spreadsheet, or how you pulled together certain data from Google Analytics. Traditionally, you’d have to type out a detailed email – making sure your instructions are clear and concise. Or, you could jump on a video conference call to show them in real time, which takes time and coordination. With a screen recorder, you could simply record a short video showing and telling exactly what you did. Plus, the recipient can replay or refer back to the video whenever they’re in need of a refresher. This makes a screen record a more efficient and effective solution for both parties.

10 screen recorder videos your business needs to create

As we mentioned, there are many uses for a screen recorder. It tends to be one of the most versatile tools – especially in the days of remote work. Here we’re breaking down some of our most common uses for a screen recorder across several different departments. We’ll explore how to use a screen recorder and what videos to create for sales, marketing, customer service and internally. Let’s take a look!

Screen recorder videos for Sales

1. Video introduction

Record yourself and your screen to create an eye-catching video introduction. Use your website as the background while your webcam records you. 

Unlike a cold call or cold email, a video recording will provide face-to-face interaction and act as a stage for introducing your company. 

2. Demos

Sometimes people can’t connect in real-time. Pre-record demo that walks your recipient through a product or a service. Your recipient can watch your video when it’s convenient for them, and even send it along to the other decision makers at their company.

3. PowerPoint presentations

A screen recording of a PowerPoint presentation is instrumental in helping your prospects embrace your solution or partner with you. Include a sales deck to help deliver facts, figures, and statistics that back up your presentation.

Screen recorder videos for Customer Service

4. Training

Screen recordings are valuable when your team is teaching customers about your product or service. 

Pro tip: You can still create training and troubleshooting videos by recording on your phone instead of a screen recording. Use Covideo’s merge video feature to combine both types of videos into one!

5. Troubleshooting with customers

Answer your customers’ questions with step-by-step instructions from a video screen recording. These videos provide a personalized customer service experience and effectively solve their issues. 

Screen recorder videos for Marketing

6. Webinars

We get it, sometimes the unexpected happens, and attendees aren’t able to attend a webinar. Make sure you’re efforts don’t go unnoticed, record your webinar and email it out as a gift to those you signed up. Or post it as a social media video!

7. Product demonstration

Speaking of social media, create a screen recording that walks viewers through a new feature. Using screen recording shows viewers precisely what they can expect if they sign up for a free trial or paid account. Videos like this can sway prospect that is on the fence about your product or service. 

8. Blog content 

Writing engaging and entertaining content takes a lot of work (I should know!). Including a screen recording in your blog content will help illustrate your ideas, catch your audiences’ attention, and overall make a better experience for your readers. 

Screen recorder videos for Internal Use

9. Training new hires

Record your screen to show a new hire how to operate your companies internal software like Salesforce or Dialpad. This is especially helpful if your team is remote!

10. Collaborating with coworkers

Collaborating with coworkers is difficult for remote workers, however, oftentimes it’s necessary. If you want to get your colleague’s input on a project, have questions about something in particular, or need to inform others with an update – record a video. Share your screen and walk them through the details. We do this daily…maybe even hourly! A screen recorder makes collaboration feasible, even while working remotely.

Bonus: Submitting bugs

If you’re a SaaS company, then you understand that reporting bugs are significant. Use screen recordings to make it easier for your employees to capture bugs in your software.

Best screen recording software

Learning how to record a computer screen with audio or to learn how to record your computer screen without software is time-consuming and complicated.

Cut down the time by downloading Covideo’s screen recorder chrome extension to create videos that can be shared and tracked.

Covideo’s Chrome extension, or laptop screen recorder, is available for a free trial or paid user. With the Chrome extension, you’ll be able to record yourself, your screen, or both. Also, Covideo’s Chrome extension is a screen recorder for PC, Mac, and a screen recorder Windows. 

Install a screen recorder today

We’re biased, but Covideo is the best screen recording software for all your business needs. Download a free screen recorder by signing up for our 7-day free trial. If you decided you can’t do work without an online screen recorder, then purchase a paid account!

Get access to not just a computer screen recorder but also to our mobile app, video messaging, video annotations, video trimming, and viewer analytics. 

Learn more about Covideo’s screen recorder or schedule a demo with our video experts today.

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