6 Ways to Sell More Tickets with Video

Whether you work in ticket sales for a Major League Baseball team, a local ballet troupe, or a large concert venue, the goal is the same: sell more tickets. In the entertainment and sports industries, you’re competing for your audience’s attention. Give your customers an unforgettable, personalized experience to gain their loyalty and boost ticket sales. One great way to do this is using video.

Ticket sales are booming two years after the start of the pandemic as fans are eager to see their favorite teams, bands, and performers again. Live Nation, one of the largest ticket sellers in the country, reported 38% more tickets sold through July 2022 over 2019’s numbers for the same period. Sports Business Journal reported season ticket renewals are at a five-year high for the National Football League. If there’s a time to update your strategy to sell more tickets, it’s now.

In this blog, we’ll explore six ways you can incorporate video into your ticket sales strategy to sell more tickets and make loyal customers who return season after season.

1. Show off seats and suites

Salespeople usually set their sights on increasing the number of season ticketholders and group ticket sales to make the biggest impact. People choosing seats for a full season or a suite for a large group make a significant investment. Video can help them feel confident in their decision and can help you sell more tickets. Salespeople can do a walkthrough of the suite or show a customer the view from their seats. This personalized experience gives customers peace of mind and allows them to imagine the experience they will have at your stadium or arena.  

2. Give behind-the-scenes insights

In the case of sports ticket sales, customers may choose to invest in season or group tickets based on how well they believe a team will perform. But you can sell more tickets to even the most fair-weather fans! Give a behind-the-scenes look at how the season may play out with these video ideas:

  • Introduce your top three draft picks joining for the season
  • Share stats into how the team is expected to perform
  • Insert top highlights from the previous season
  • Highlight any exciting rivalries

3. Combine personal and celebrity outreach

At Covideo, personalized video is our bread and butter. We believe salespeople are always going to get better results (and sell more tickets) when using videos created for a specific customer. It’s why we recommend you hold up a whiteboard with your contact’s name at the beginning of a video, so they know it was made just for them. Of course, your customers would also love to see a famous coach or player on their screen. You can combine these approaches in one video.

Start with a short, personalized video, and then transition to a message from a coach or top player saying how excited they are for the season. (Covideo has a video merge tool that makes this easy!) This approach also works if you’re selling concert or event tickets and want to feature a special guest or star who doesn’t have time to create personalized videos.

4. Show off special food, merchandise, or gifts

Bloomberg reports that people are paying almost $80 on average per concert ticket and splurging even more on on-site food, drinks, merchandise, and parking. Superfans may want to see what special offers await them at the stadium. In your recorded video, you can sell more tickets by highlighting special food, drink, or merchandise offerings. If you typically give season ticket holders a special gift, you can show off that gift in your video and let your customers know it’s headed to their mailbox.

5. Sell more tickets with upgrades and discounts

A personalized video makes a special discount feel more, well, personal! It’s no surprise that you can sell more tickets with upgrades and discounts. Make the offer feel extra special with video. Create videos for previous season ticket holders offering a discount to returning members. Give corporate partners ideas for suite upgrades. Like we mentioned before, don’t hesitate to give them a video tour to really seal the deal!

6. Use video as a follow up

Video should integrate into your overall sales strategy, which may include phone calls, emails, or texts. When trying to sell more tickets, we recommend video after an initial outreach. Rather than making it the primary cold calling tool, several salespeople have success using personalized video as a follow up on interest or a way to try a new approach with a prospect who has “ghosted.” Say, “I’m going to send you a video email—keep an eye on your inbox” to pique their interest.

The Takeaway

There is no better time for salespeople to incorporate video into their strategy and sell more tickets. Customers are eager to get back out to events and learn about special offers. Give them the best, personalized experience by incorporating video into your sales strategy.

The best part? You can start selling more tickets with video today. Try a demo of Covideo to learn more about our easy tool for recording, editing, and sharing video—no videographer or editing experience required.