Solve Customer Problems with Video Emails

Troubleshooting or responding to customers’ inquiries is difficult with just chat boxes and phone conversations. Ask a Customer Success Representative how many times they’ve experienced a miscommunication with prospects or customers during a phone call. Their response is mostly likely, “Oh, all the time.” Not surprising since only 7% of our communication is verbal.

Solve customers’ problems with a healthy mixture of communication styles.

Just the other day I googled, “How to create a group on my iPhone”. Within seconds I was directed to a video of someone walking viewers through the process. It’s amazing how technology can enable us to understand each other more effectively by utilizing all aspects of communication. 

Incorporating various communication tools into your customer service process will improve customers’ experiences. Video messages provide aspects of an in-person meeting with the convenience of an email. Customer support reps can clarify technical explanations with ease, while providing a personalized message. 

Interested in trying video email out for yourself? Covideo provides a free fourteen day trial for text and email video messages. Use the video examples below to jumpstart your Covideo experience. 

1). Send Video Tutorials

Whether your company specializes in B2B or B2C services, your customer service department can benefit from sending video tutorials. The combination of verbal and non-verbal communication clarifies your message and will eliminate miscommunications. Use video tutorials to show and tell a customer about an aspect of your product or service. 

Video screen sharing is a perfect feature to resolve troubleshooting questions. You’ll often hear that customers are frustrated, and that’s understandable! Technology is confusing. If your customers value both verbal and visual demonstrations, then prepare your customer service team with tools to deal with those types of customers.

2). Provide a Video Introduction

Regardless of the service your company provides, video introductions from your customer success team build a relationship before an issue occurs. Any customer facing position can use video introductions to explain their role, some tips about their product, and the best ways to get in touch. Customer Success Reps can use video to educate customers where to go when they need help. This eliminates a step a customer would have to take when they get confronted with a problem or a need. 

3). Use Video for Follow-ups 

How would you feel if you got a video from a Customer Service Rep asking if your issue got resolved? My guess is you’d most likely feel pretty great! Companies that express care will build a positive customer experience and leave a lasting impression. Customer Success teams can accomplish this by replacing an automated plain-text email with a video follow-up.

Great Customer Service Leads to a High Retention Rate

Re-adjusting the way your Customer Support team communicates with clients is easier than you might think. Contact us to connect with a Covideo expert and learn how video messaging provides a better customer experience.  

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