Top 10 Video Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve all been exposed to the webcam far more than usual, and let’s face it, it isn’t always a seamless process. The lighting poor, your dog’s barking in the background, and you can’t figure out where to be making “eye contact.” One of the best ways to continue getting face time with your coworkers, clients, and prospects without having to be on a live conference call is through video email. 

Unlike a marketing video for business, a video email is less scripted and doesn’t require much time to produce. As a result, mistakes are common and honestly, sometimes appreciated in a video email, they show you’re human! Video messaging benefits differ from video marketing benefits because the former is created with the intent to showcase the person behind the screen. When recording a video, it’s more important to share your message how you would face-to-face, rather than putting together a polished one-minute video. With that said, it’s still important to send a quality video to ensure your message is effective. Here are the top 10 video mistakes to avoid! 

1. Personalize Your Video

Sometimes we want to jump right into the meat of our message, but it is super important to personalize the video, letting the recipient know it was made just for them. The best business video maker, in our (bias) opinion, is Covideo! Not only can you record and send personalized messages, we also offer a business video maker app so you can record on the go.

2. Make Eye Contact 

Not looking at the camera during your video makes you seem disinterested. Good eye contact is the way to go. 

3. Keep It Steady

Try not to shake the camera while you film, find a steady surface to put it on if need be.

4. Check Your Lighting 

Lighting makes a huge difference in how your videos will look. You want to keep the light source in front of you, whereas back-lighting results in a dark, shadowy appearance. So, avoid recording videos with your back to a large window. 

5. Plan Ahead of Time

Think about… umm… what to say ahead of time… so your viewer isn’t… uhh… waiting for the message. Remember, unlike a marketing video, you don’t need a script to produce an effective video. Have a few points in mind before starting your video, so you feel confident and prepared. 

6. Minimize Background Noise

Stay away from locations with lots of background noise, you want your message to be heard! 

7. Pay Attention to Body Language and Tone

Make sure to keep a good energy going, otherwise you might sound disengaged. Though still keep it authentic. 

8. Find the Best Angle

Avoid using unflattering camera angles and framing that might make you look bad. Staying eye level is a good baseline. 

9. End with a Call To Action

Don’t forget to give a call to action at the end of the video. Let the viewer know what they should do next.

10. Engage with the First Frame 

Keep in mind what the first frame of your video will look like when starting your video. Or avoid it altogether by using an animated gif. 

And those are our top video mistakes to avoid. Even if you already knew all of them, it’s always good to have a quick refresher. 

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