Use video to pump up your team

Keeping employees motivated in a sluggish economy can be challenging.  News reports of layoffs and production losses add to employee jitters and contribute to a lack of enthusiasm for their jobs.  Conventional wisdom tells us that communication, communication, communication is key in maintaining a positive, motivated workforce.  But, simply sending out multitudes of messages with dry facts and figures may not garner the results you’re after.

Other than physically meeting with the entire staff for weekly updates (not often realistic!) a video email can deliver the same personal, face-to-face message to each employee, right at their desk.

Whether it’s from the CEO, HR Director or Department Manager, a video transmits real emotion and clearly conveys important news.  Employees can share the excitement over a big order, better understand the scope of a project and realize the value of their individual contribution as described by company leaders.

Put rumors to rest by clearly stating: ~ The company’s short and long-term strategy for success. ~ Any restructuring plans ~

Programs designed to sustain (or grow) revenue in a difficult climate ~ The importance of each and every employee to the company’s overall success. No other communication tool provides direct contact and personal interaction on such a grand scale as video email.  Its effectiveness lies in the ability to reach even a global workforce quickly and earnestly, infusing them on an individual level with a renewed commitment to the company cause. Try that with a text email!

Lights, camera, action!

Your turn to amp up your efforts with video

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