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Video Email For Newbies

Today, we’re talking about how our video tool, and how it will complement your sales strategy, boost your endeavors, and bring you results without breaking a sweat.

In the last few months the behavior of business communication has changed. Video has become the primary type of content all around the world wide web. From social media to online courses, video is now the ultimate tool for sending a message loud and clear.

So, if you’re tired of just receiving video messages and want to record your own with a quick video maker, here’s how to get started.

Food for Thought…

First, what are your goals and resources? Are you using video to prospect for new clients or follow-up on existing one? Do you have a laptop with a built-in camera or a smartphone?

Video content surely is attractive and daring, but without a purpose, it loses its magic.

Define what do you need: Raise the awareness of your business, generate new leads, or foster the ones you have? Each one of these must have a different approach when creating relevant video content.

If you’re still unsure then reach out to our video experts, or download our free video sales eBook!

Once you know what you’d use video for in your business communication, you can start recording with a free video tool— like our Covideo fourteen day free trial

Before you say, “Ugh, now I need to buy a better camera,” we want to point out that an internal computer camera or smartphone is more than capable of capturing a video email. 

Videos for Business

Let’s walk through some types of videos you can start creating at the very beginning of your video-content game.

Brand Videos

Ah, the good, old brand videos! Is there a better way to start the video escapade than creating a compelling video about your brand? I think not. ?

Brand videos are great ice-breakers because you get the chance to introduce who you are the way you would in-person.

Creating a 1-2 minute long video, where you’ll explain briefly what you do and what defines you, will help you attract more attention and build a bigger audience.

Demo Videos

Once you start gathering an audience, you can help them get a better insight into your service by creating demo videos.

Take your viewers on tour through your facilities, demonstrate the principles of your software, unbox a product, or showcase your inventory. If you’re working in a real estate company, showcase some of the properties you sell. Automotive industry professionals can do a short vehicle walk-around. If finance is your industry, you can explain how the process of loan works. There are a plethora of different, creative ideas on how to teach your viewers what you actually do.

Testimonial videos

There’s no way to build trust among your audience more bulletproof than putting your happy customers in the spotlight. Keep in touch with your satisfied clients and have them on standby.

Customers who had a pleasant experience with your company will always be glad to share their story. Make sure to use this type of video to highlight the before-and-after of their challenge. Focus on their point of view rather than yours – that’s how you’ll convince your prospects the most.

Video Email Benefits

It draws attention. Video email is a perfect way to stand out from other email communication.

Your recipients will find it more interesting than a regular textual email.

That means, your message sent through a video will have a more profound impact.

Video email saves time…for both you and your receivers.It will help you to share all the relevant information in a shorter amount of time, and make it easier to comprehend.

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