Video Leads to the Perfect Candidate

Nobody can deny that written communication is slowly witnessing its largest competitor – video. People are too busy to type emails or regularly communicate through text. And why would they? Today, there are video platforms that enable them to do the same, but much faster and more effectively. Particularly, when it comes to the hiring processes. Video in recruiting can spice up a plain job description to a level that really makes a difference. Through video, you are delivering information to your candidates that engages with even the laziest candidates.

Let’s not forget the fact that video will represent 80% of all Internet traffic by 2021, according to Cisco Visual Networking. You need to keep up with the video demand. Therefore, we’re bringing you a number of reasons as to why you should start using video in recruitment.

Shine through video

Firstly, if you are looking to grab a job seeker’s attention, you need to find a way to spread the word about your opening position. Video can help you achieve that. As reported by TalentLyft, social recruiting is one of the top recruiting trends in 2018 . This trend is your opportunity to shine through video and connect with your candidates via channels that they prefer and use daily.

Not only is video in recruiting more engaging than text, it also leaves positive reactions and creates a pleasant atmosphere during the job application process. If a person from the department of the open job position records a video about the job opening, it will allow applicants to get more in-depth information about that specific position. Also, it gives you the possibility to articulate your company brand and work environment easier and more descriptively. Your candidates will love it when they get the chance to “experience” the company culture through video. Therefore, “day in the office” videos are the new big thing that gives a peek into the company culture.

Video shows the bigger picture

Listing out the bullet points of the ideal candidate’s characteristics are simply not enoughPeople don’t want to know just about the nature of the job, they want to know what the purpose is. Being part of something bigger than themselves and making an impact is really important when talking about new job opportunities. Video gives potential candidates the bigger picture of your company and helps them realize if it is a good environment for them.

The fact is, you simply can’t afford missing out on the best talent anymore. In the long run, video in recruiting is going to take you one step ahead of everyone else in the hiring process. All you have to do is press “play” and the candidates will come your way!

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