Video Prospecting: A New Sales Strategy

One of the most challenging tasks in a sales job is getting a response. Unanswered emails and calls delay the sales cycle and force sales teams to repeatedly follow up. That’s why organizations are turning to video email and video prospecting to complement their current sales strategy. Just by including the word “video” in your subject line, open rates increase by 19%. 

Prospecting with video humanizes the sales process by putting a face to a name and adding personality to your sales pitch. These characteristics are often omitted when sending regular emails and communicating over the phone.

Why You Need Video Prospecting 

By using video for prospecting, you stand out amongst all the plain text emails and break through the noise. Not only are you getting creative with your sales outreach, but your message is more engaging and memorable. Video email helps you reach your prospect and create a positive customer experience. 

Your first impression has the potential to make or break a deal. But luckily, with video you can disprove sales stereotypes and have more control over creating a positive impression. Start with a smile and add some enthusiasm so your recipient is immediately engaged. Video also allows you to establish trust and credibility with a prospect. Not only are you building familiarity by putting a face to a name, but video helps people empathize with what they see and hear. When you offer solutions to simplify their problems, you’ll demonstrate that you understand their pain points. 

Best Practices for Sales Prospecting Videos

So, how do you start using video in sales emails?  

You’ll want to keep these videos short and sweet; introduce yourself, and explain why you’re reaching out. If you need to re-record your video 2-3 times, that’s okay, but remember these don’t need to be perfect, just authentic. 

When recording sales prospecting videos, we recommend using a white board and writing your recipient’s name on it. This adds a touch of personalization and intrigues prospects to watch your video when they see it’s designed specifically for them. 

When you’re ready to send out your video email, be sure to include the word “video” in the subject line. Add some text to the body of the email, but not too much – you still want the recipient to watch your video.

Use the Right Video Prospecting Tool  

Prospecting all day is no easy task, but using a tool designed for sales outreach makes the job a whole lot easier. Covideo, a video prospecting software, allows you to record personalized videos to send via email, text message, or on social media. 

When sending out sales prospecting videos, you can choose to get notifications when your video has been viewed, letting you know the instant someone watches your video. You’ll also have access to analytics that provide insight into how many times someone watched, how long they watched, and if they interacted with any of your call-to-actions. This allows you to prioritize your leads, putting the most interested at the top of the list. Try Covideo today to see firsthand how we can help improve your sales. 

Switch Up Your Prospecting Methods

Just to be clear, video prospecting isn’t the only tool you’ll use for reaching out to new opportunities. Rather, consider Covideo as a tool in your toolbox. Our inboxes are crowded, and getting your message to stand out isn’t always easy. Video prospecting gives you another avenue to help break through that noise. Combine video with these five additional prospecting strategies and you’ll have the ultimate sales prospecting approach. 

If you’re wanting to hit and exceed your sales goal, video email prospecting is a must. Give it a try with our free trial – that way you can see for yourself before you fully commit.

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