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Exceed your quotas with video selling

Our complete guide to video selling is here – including tips, best practices, and the tools you need to succeed in virtual sales.

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Transform your virtual sales strategy

Increase responses, engagement, and conversions by adding video to your outreach.

What is Covideo?

Covideo is a sales software used to record, send and track personalized video messages. Video selling helps you stand out in the inbox, increase engagement and convert more leads into customers.

Increase response rates

People want to do business with people, not technology. Skip the impersonal interactions by incorporating a personalized video email into your outreach for a lasting first impression that resonates.

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Keep prospects engaged

Use Covideo’s call-to-action buttons to share content like e-books, whitepapers, case studies, or to invite working prospects to webinars. Helpful resources like these add value and demonstrate the expertise and insights you bring along with your product/service.

Shorten the sales cycle

Delve into product overviews or address complex questions without sending lengthy, confusing emails or waiting weeks to coordinate calendars. Keep the lines of communication open and the timeline on schedule with a video your prospect can watch at their convenience.

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Transform outreach with video selling.

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Video Selling: A Guide

Anyone who works in the sales industry knows that you’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve your selling process! In this article, we’re going to cover the newest trend and technique in the selling industry, using videos in the sales process – aka video selling. We’ll also cover these topics below in more detail:

  • What is video selling?
  • How to use video in sales
  • Using video for sales prospecting
  • Best video selling platform


What is video selling?

Video selling is a technique used by many in the industry and one that is growing fast in popularity. Video selling is the act of using video in sales pitches, presentations, or any part of a selling method. There’s a reason behind the rising trend of video usage in sales industries! Video selling helps you stand out from the crowd, it can help you communicate more effectively, and personalizes your outreach. Using videos while selling also humanized the entire sales process as well as makes remote selling significantly more effective while speeding up the overall sales cycle and process.

The best sales videos can be recorded in a number of different ways. You can essentially record your message rather than typing it out in a plain text email, which means you can use videos for many different purposes. You can record sales videos for the following types of emails:

  • Prospecting – You can record videos any time you’re prospecting for new clients or customers. Personalized videos can highlight your commitment and personalize your approach.
  • Follow ups – When you create videos for follow ups, you can outline next steps and summarize what’s been done up until that point in the sales process.
  • Presenting proposals – When you present a proposal in a video, clients are more likely to pay attention to what you have to say to not miss any details are even more likely to respond.
  • Thank you’s – Sending personalized thank you videos adds a human touch to the end of your sales cycle and can help solidify your relationships with customers.


Prospecting with video

One of the most common use cases of video selling if for sales prospecting videos, but you may be wondering, what is video prospecting exactly? Video email prospecting is a method where a sales rep will record and send a short, personalized video for a prospect. Video prospecting is used by sales reps in the initial stages of the sales process to stand out in an inbox and grab a recipients attention. When creating sales prospecting videos for new clients, you essentially record a short video of yourself (about 30 seconds) in which you introduce yourself, explain why you’re reaching out, pitch the product you are selling, and make it relatable to who you are reaching out to. These videos are highly personalized, which is what makes them that much more effective, especially if you have an effective video prospecting script that works for almost anyone that you contact or prospect with.

When you use videos in your email outreach, you’ll see a 16% boost in open rates, a 26% increase in response rates, and you’re 127% more likely to close a deal. You can also check our blog for more video prospecting best practices, additional sales prospecting statistics, along with an example to see a video prospecting script in action.


Best video selling platform

Covideo is the go-to tool for any video selling and video emailing. Covideo helps you record, send, and track sales video messages. So many sales teams use Covideo as their go-to video selling platform and sales video maker. Covideo is designed to help sales teams succeed and close as many deals as possible. When you create a video email with Covideo, the video itself is embedded into the body of an email and will be watched on a video landing page where you can add custom call to action buttons.

Covideo’s additional tracking features and tools can send you instant notifications when someone watched your videos, and lets you know how many times it was watched and which specific parts of the video were re-watched. This tool basically lets you know the best time to follow up while also gauging your prospect’s interest in your product. Covideo’s additional mobile video sales app is a popular video prospecting tool used by many sales teams to continue engaging with clients even when you’re away from your computer. With Covideo, you can use our video recording software free of charge with all of our standard features to see what it’s all about. Try it out for 7-days to kickstart video selling today; no credit card required! Learn more about our demo now!


Start selling with video

Personalized video email marketing is one of the best tools you can use to secure new deals, clients, and customers. The personal touch that videos can add to your outreach will help you stand out in any cluttered inbox and ensure higher open and response rates. Video sales emails are not only more personalized they highlight an attention to detail that does not go unnoticed by prospects. You can also check out this blog to learn how to make personal videos for email to incorporate into your selling and marketing strategies. Make sure to reach out to a member of our team to see sales video examples and even strategize a solution for all of your team’s needs.


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