Videos are the future of marketing

You don’t want your business to be left out in the cold, right? Then it’s time to stop ignoring video marketing. The rise of video content has been one of the biggest shifts in technology in the last couple of years. We’re not talking about commercial videos only, with the help of smartphones everyone can create high-quality video content and that trend isn’t going to stop any time soon. Yes, videos are the future of marketing!


Video has become a form of communication and experts say that human behavior is already adjusting to that fact. Recent studies have revealed that people spend one hour and 55 minutes daily on digital video content. That’s more than they spend on social media! Cisco, the IT giant, even has a study that projects that by 2019 video content will account for 90 percent of internet traffic. It’s sure that text-based content won’t go away any time soon (probably never) but its relevance will soon succumb to the power of video.


Emotion is the key

There are many reasons why you should start using video for your business today. People are visual animals and they tend to experience a stronger emotion while watching a video than reading a text column. There is not a single medium that can offer more immediacy and more information during a given time frame than video. Every single one of us has been inspired or profoundly moved after watching a commercial. With it’s moving images, the fluidity, the sounds, video is appealing to our deepest core. Do you love cars? Remember the last time you saw that beautiful new coupe flexing its big V8 muscle for the camera? Of course, you do because that video probably gave you goosebumps. When you connect to your audience through a video, all that aggregated emotion can form a foundation of brand identity and loyalty.


And not only that, besides brand loyalty, emotional connections help you establish trust. When using video as a medium you should not push your brand, subtlety is the key. Share the emotional context of the message, that’s what builds trust. An article recently published in the Harvard Business Review points out that you have to illicit the maximum emotional response and keep branding to a minimum. Heavy use of branding can cause many viewers to disregard the content as spam. Associating your business with messages that are related to social issues and public good is another way to establish a strong emotional connection with your audience.


What about branding?

Is video capable of driving your branding efforts to a whole new level? It most certainly is! Being a medium that compels people, video can take on the centerpiece role in your marketing and branding strategy. What are the qualities you usually associate with videos? Precise narrative and good storytelling? Yep, branding strategies can utilize this through many aspects: text, audio, images and many more. A good video can bring all of these elements together.


The conclusion

Anyone can benefit from the power of video marketing. Doesn’t matter if you’re the top dog with a strong brand or a start-up looking for a major break-through, take your time to research how you can tie your brand into a powerful story and then show it to your audience.

Lights, camera, action!

Your turn to amp up your efforts with video

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