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Virtual Sales: What Is It and How To Succeed

The question that seems to be taking over the internet: what is virtual sales? Virtual selling is the new face of sales and most likely, it’s here to stay. More specifically, virtual selling is when an individual sales rep, or even the entire sales team, is remote and conducting the typical sales process online.

Not being face-to-face brings a herd of new challenges. It will take pivoting your strategies, gaining new skills, and taking advantage of technology and a virtual sales platform to overcome these hurdles. In this article, we will walk you through how to keep your sales team on top of their A-game, even when they’re virtual. 

4 Virtual Sales Tips to Increase Conversions

The virtual selling process looks different than the traditional one. You should expect your strategy to change with it. To be successful in your outreach, virtual sales meetings, and closings you should use a combination of these sales best practices. Remember, it all depends on a number of factors including the industry, team size, and environment. 

1. Be active on social media

Use of social media and having a strong online presence. Social selling should be a top priority since 2.14 billion people online shop. 

2. Sync sales and marketing

Be more in sync with your marketing team. With having a more online presence, it will be important to keep branding the same. 

3. Use video

Use video throughout the virtual sales process whenever possible. This should be used to replace the usual face-to-face interaction to still build trust and add value. Check out the example below of a video email used in the automotive industry to drive online traffic into the dealership.

4. Invest in technology

Invest in an effective virtual sales platform that can keep your team on the same page. This makes the streamline faster and more efficient. 

How to Make Virtual Sales as Effective as Face-to-Face

Thanks to technology like Zoom and Webex, virtual selling is at an all time high. As long as there is an internet connection, you can do it from anywhere. However, even with the convenience there are still challenges. Virtual selling can be extra stressful when there is no in-person interaction. So, how can you build a relationship over a screen?

  • Incorporate video in your outreach – Video  allows you to put a face to a name, personalize your message, build trust from the start, and stay connected like you would if in-person
  • Use a virtual sales platform – A virtual selling platform like Covideo can make it fast and efficient to create, send, and track video messages
  • Schedule live virtual sales meetings – Web meetings are great for live demos for those that are unable to meet in-person. 

Virtual Selling Skills Your Team Needs to Succeed

With the traditional, in-person sales process turning into a virtual sales process, it’s important to be able to adapt. No matter what the process looks like, the goal should remain the same – creating new customers and closing deals. To be successful, your team should have virtual selling skills like: 

  • Adding value from the first point of contact 
  • Being able to adapt and pivot quickly 
  • Keeping the buyer engaged
  • Making the outreach personalized

This is all achievable with the right attitude and utilizing tools like video platforms, virtual conferencing platforms, and using the right virtual sales best practices. See 7 ways you can easily start using video for sales in the clip below!

When should you pivot to new virtual sales strategies?

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