Take Covideo for a test drive

Learn how dealerships use Covideo to: 

  • Build trust from the start
  • Keep buyers engaged
  • Provide superior service

Build trust from the start

Introduce and impress, instantly

Make a good first impression from the moment they open your email. Respond to internet leads with a video email or text introducing yourself and your dealership. 

Beat out the competition

Don’t send the same generic leads response that other dealerships are sending. Stand out in the inbox and prove your value.

Record vehicle walk-arounds

Offer customers a 360 ̊ video of a particular vehicle, highlighting special features, color and condition. Record your own, or utilize Covideo’s WheelsTV integration that gives you access to more than 5,600 ready-to-use, OEM-approved videos.

Keep buyers engaged

Eliminate no-shows

Notify your leads with personalized messages and let them know you’re looking forward to their upcoming appointment.

Invite “be-backs” back

Get your “be-backs” to come back. Send a customized follow-up to unsold leads, get them back in the door, and regain their business.

Build customer confidence

Go the extra mile and provide excellent customer service by sending thoughtful video messages throughout their entire buying process.

Provide superior service

Provide proof

Eliminate the doubt surrounding service repairs. Use video to build trust and transparency with verified, recommended repairs.

Send service reminders

Get a jump on future service appointments with video reminders.

Earn more business

Excellent service will keep people coming back. Send video messages expressing your gratitude to maintain their business and generate customer referrals.


More connections. Better results.

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