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6 Tactics to Drive Sales with Video Content

Whether you operate as a small-scale startup or a large international enterprise, the value of video content marketing cannot be overstated. According to Smart Insights, 95% of marketers expect to increase or maintain their video marketing spending throughout 2020. Additionally, 48% of consumers look toward video content as reflections of brands and products they are interested in investing time and money into.

This makes it important for businesses to carefully create video content based on audience expectations in order to drive sales. With that, let’s take a look at what makes video content so uniquely suited for high sales conversion, as well as tactics to do just that.

The Advantages of Driving Sales with Video Content

Why is video content such a high performer when it comes to grabbing the audience’s attention in content marketing? The answer to that question lies in its versatility and accessibility as a communication medium. Video content can be watched and understood by far more people than text and blog posts, even if they are not native speakers.

Additionally, video involves moving images, animation, real-life video demonstrations and other attention-grabbing elements which are perfectly suited for driving online sales. Samantha Abrams, Head of Content Department at Best Essay Education had this to say: “There is no industry which cannot take advantage of video marketing. From eCommerce and cloud-based services to brick-and-mortar businesses and retail shops, every type of corporate entity can make full and effective use of video content.”

By introducing video content to your marketing strategy in the efforts to drive sales, you will also gain a plethora of practical advantages going forward:

●        Higher engagement and conversion rates

●        Higher SEO ranking and better search engine placement

●        Increased website traffic and ad monetization opportunities

●        Omnichannel video sharing possibilities across the web

●        High return on initial video content production investment

Tactics to Drive Sales with Video Content

  1. Rely on KISS Methodology

While videos are indeed more attractive and accessible to online audiences, their attention spans are still dictated by social media and modern lifestyles. As such, it’s highly recommended that you keep your videos short and understandable, based on Keep-It-Simple-Stupid (KISS) methodology. Despite its name, KISS is not a derogatory or negative technique to use in marketing – quite the contrary in fact. Keep your message focused on an end-result and an action which viewers will have to perform once the video is finished to maximize its effect.

  1. Implement a Multi-Channel Approach

Thankfully, video content can be embedded and shared through multiple channels depending on your marketing campaign’s goals and resources. Once your video materials are produced and published, you can easily share the website link through numerous channels to achieve higher audience reach. Some of the channels at your disposal include e-mail, social media pages, company blog, or even YouTube itself if you choose to pursue it. Video content should be placed on as many channels as possible to increase its accessibility and effectiveness in driving sales – make the most of it.

  1. Format your Video Scripts

Formatting your scripts before you create video content is a great way to increase your message’s efficiency and clarity for online viewers. In addition, outlining the video script before filming anything will allow you to add multilingual subtitles to the video to further drive international sales. Some of the tools at your disposal include:

Evernote – content writing and formatting platform with cloud-sync and exporting functionality

Trust My Paper – writing platform with dedicated editors available to assist in content creation

Hemingway Editor – editing tool with an emphasis on content accessibility and flow of information

Grab My Essay – professional content writing platform with formatting, proofreading and editing services

Readable – writing tool which allows for grammar, spelling and sentence structure checks in your script

Studicus – professional writing service at your disposal for any last-minute writing or editing needs

  1. Address Customer Feedback via Video

More than anything, customers like to know that you hear their complaints, suggestions and concerns in regards to the product/service lineup. As such, video content can be a great communication channel in which you can answer pressing customer questions, offer news on the latest products and developments. In doing so, you will effectively invite viewers to stay informed about your business and subsequently, convert into customers once they are satisfied with the information. Take a pro-consumer stance with marketing and address questions and feedback head-on – the audience base will return the favor in spades.

  1. Showcase Products & Social Proof

With such an abundance of eCommerce and sales-oriented platforms on the web, it can be difficult to build credibility for your business from scratch. Be upfront about your product portfolio’s functionality and performance via video content specifically designed to market certain items and services to online viewers. Likewise, ask satisfied customers to create short video clips of them stating how satisfied they are with your business and products. Collect social proof and edit it into videos which can then be used to showcase how trustworthy and high-quality your business is towards its customers.

  1. Cap Videos Off with CTA

Lastly, it’s pivotal that each piece of video content you produce ends with a clear call to action (CTA) for the viewer. Videos without CTA often perform poorly due to a lack of direction or instruction for the viewer, which results in wasted resources. Anything from “click to find out more” or “subscribe today for a special offer” can work as your CTA – choose one that suits your business. The call to action you embed into the video will directly affect its sales efficiency, engagement and share-ability – don’t neglect its inclusion in video content.

Selling via Video

Regardless of your business’ niche, it’s safe to say that audiences of all demographics enjoy watching video content before they commit to any online purchase. This makes video’s inclusion in your marketing strategy essential given its accessibility and versatility in creating unique sales-centric content. Explore the ways in which video can help your business drive sales on the web before you approach content production – your message’s clarity is everything.

The Best Ways to Send Videos

But one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to video, on the other hand, has to do with actually having to share it. There’s a reason why a quick Google search for terms like “how to send a video via email that is too big” or “how to send large files via email attachment” yield countless pages of results – it’s not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do.

That’s why marketers would be wise to utilize a video platform, like Covideo. Covideo allows you to include a hyperlink animated snapshot of your video in the body of your email, for example, regardless of how long the video is or how large the file happens to be. At that point, the process of how to send a 10 minute video is as easy as clicking a few quick buttons with your mouse. Forget about trying to figure out how to send a video on Gmail more than 25MB in size. In the end, remember that Covideo is a way to do more than just compress video for email online free. It’s the best chance you have for how to compress video without losing quality.

Did you know you can easily email a video from your phone?

Covideo is also an easy way for not only how to send long videos from iPhone to Android and back again, but also how to add an attachment to an email on iPhone! It’s even a completely viable way to compress video for email free of charge. With Covideo’s 14-day free trial you can email videos from your smartphone or personal email. So before you try to attach video to email, skip the hassle and send your videos through Covideo.

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