8 Key Marketing Benefits of Video Email

The obvious benefits of a great marketing strategy are increased sales.  However, it’s the not-so-obvious benefits that can mean real, lasting success for a business.  Obviously, video email provides key marketing benefits that improve not only your profits but your image as well.

1)  That Polished Look.

Your emails have a more professional appearance when using video.  In fact, add a custom template designed with your business branding to complete the ‘polished’ look for your email communications.

2)  The Circle Widens.

Video emails generate a lot of interest and people often forward them.  The viral effect exposes larger audiences to your business and what it offers with no extra effort on your part.

3)  Real-Time Reporting.

You can track the success of your videos to see how effective your marketing dollars are. Get immediate notification of viewed videos for on-the-spot follow-ups.

4)  The Video is Just the Beginning.

Links around the video screen offer viewers more information about your business and create additional marketing opportunities for you.

5)  Calling All CRM’s.

If you have a CRM system make it even better by linking a video to your regular text email campaigns.  The added WOW of video gets results that cannot be duplicated by standard text emails.

6)  Always On Their Mind.

Video email is a great way to achieve Top of Mind Awareness in your prospects.  By sending regular, consistent, branded messages you create a familiarity that, in turn, builds credibility and trust. This is the most valuable marketing benefit!

7)  Referrals, Referrals.

Once you accomplish Item #6 referrals are bound to follow.  By all means, never underestimate the word of mouth referrals.

8)  Long-Term Benefits.

Indeed, video email marketing helps you establish and maintain solid relationships with your customers.  Their loyalty, once secured, often lasts a lifetime. For example, businesses that practice relational marketing are frequently rewarded with long-term benefits.

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