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The Best Video Message App for Android & iPhone

By now, we’ve all experienced a laggy video call, misunderstood a poorly written email, and felt a lack of personal connection during a phone call. But have you experienced receiving a video message from the best video message app?

A video email is a personalized video recorded to deliver more personal connections, put a face to the name, and provide outstanding business communication. 

Through a video phone app or a desktop computer, you can record, share, and track a video email. Unlike a video chat app, the sender can record themselves and email or text the video to their recipient. The recipient can then watch it on their own time. 

The best video messaging apps will also let you track your viewer’s engagement levels, email from your email, integration with popular CRMs, and offer the best video message app for Android and iPhones.

Here are the top video messaging apps for business professionals that want to stand out in the inbox. 

Best Video Messaging App

1. Covideo

Covideo has one of the top video messaging apps. It lets your record, upload, share and track video messages all from your smartphone. 

Seriously, even the least tech-savvy person in the office can record, edit, and send high-quality videos to prospects or new hires in a matter of seconds! When it’s challenging to meet people in person, use Covideo’s mobile app to record personalized video emails.

2. Wetransfer

Wetranfer is a great way to share video file hyperlinks with your recipients. In the app, you can upload videos that are 10 GB. Once the video is uploaded to the app, you can select a video or multiple emails. 

With Wetransfer your recipients are receiving a hyperlink that allows them to download the video to their phone or computer. Wetransfer is a cloud service that is an effective way to quickly share video files. However, it is not recommended for video messaging.

Unlike a video message, a Wetransfer link will not give a preview of the video or provide a snapshot of your video in the email body. If you email someone you haven’t met before, this will be seen as suspicious, and your recipient may delete the message.

3. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a file-sharing application that takes can share files and store them as well. If you need to share content quickly, from any device to anyone in the world, then this may be your app.

Although this isn’t the best video messaging app for iPhone or Android because their platform only sends hyperlinks, it is recommended for file sharing internally. 

4. Filemail

Filemail is available on iPhone and Android and will let you send videos, music, pictures, and whatever else you need to send. 

Like Send Anywhere and Wetransfer, Filemail shares your content through a hyperlink that allows your recipients to download it to their computer. Although you can download Filemail to your smartphone, this is not a video messaging app for iPhone or Android. 

Unlike a plain hyperlink, a video message captures the first few frames of your video, loops it, and gives your recipient a preview of your video. Check out the example below!

Download a free video message app

The best app for sending video messages depends on what type of videos you’re sending. For those that want to send personalized video messages that communicate your message like you would if you were in person, then try Covideo!

Covideo has the best free video messenger app through its 7-day free trial. There’s no credit card required to sign up for a free trial.

Download Covideo onto your iPhone or download it to your Android, and start sharing video messages today.

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