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Keep Up With The Covideo Mobile App Updates

I am excited to let you know about the new updates that our development team has been working on. They are related to Covideo mobile apps for iOS and Android. With the new updates, you now have the ability to switch your camera view from front to back and vice versa. You also have the ability to pause during your recording.

These new updates are valuable in situations where you would like to show your viewer(s) something specific, but there are multiple steps and parts to your videos.


Switching the camera from front to back view and vice versa

For example, let’s talk about switching the camera from front to back, and vice versa. Imagine you’re doing a vehicle walkaround. You would like to start the video with you introducing what the video will be. Also, you want to thank them for their interest in that specific vehicle. After the initial introduction, you can switch the camera view to focus on the vehicle. Same applies in the automotive service department, real estate property videos, product demonstrations, and many other situations.


The pause option

Often times you might find yourself in a situation that you might need to pause the recording until you get to another space. Maybe you need to pause it until you’re ready to talk about the next part of your video. For example, sometimes the prospect asked how’s the living room of their dream house and how’s the view from the balcony. With the pause option, you can start in one area of the house then pause the video until you get to another part of the property.


Where to download it? 

Please take a moment to explore the new updates and if you currently don’t have the mobile app installed on your device, please click on the links below to visit App Store or Google Play to download the Covideo mobile app (if your Covideo package currently doesn’t have the mobile app included, please contact us at 800-306-1445 to upgrade).

Covideo for iOS

Covideo for Android

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