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How to Increase Occupancy in Senior Living

Coronavirus outbreaks in senior and assisted living residences have been in the spotlight of national attention, with nearly half of senior living communities in the United States experiencing coronavirus-related deaths (NORC). Because of this, residents’ families are more reluctant to put their loved ones into senior living communities during a time when outside visits are limited. 

There is good news though! According to the 2021 Argentum & Lumen Largest Providers Report, providers were reporting resident move-in increases from between 34% and 57% and with more and more seniors getting vaccinated in the United States, residence levels are more likely to continue to increase as families feel more secure in residential living situations. Which is why now is the time to adjust your assisted living sales strategies and senior living marketing strategies! In this article, we’ll show you how to increase occupancy in senior living and assisted living sales with personalized video. 

5 Ways to Increase Occupancy in Senior Living Sales

We’ve listed five different ways that you can optimize your senior living sales with assisted living software that can help you create senior care videos that are both informative and personable. These senior living sales strategies have proven results and can make a big difference in how you go about securing senior living leads. Let’s check out five effective strategies on how to increase occupancy in assisted living.

1. Personalize Outreach

With personalized video, you can connect a face to a name and create more genuine connections and relationships with people. When you send a personal video message in your outreach, prospective residents can feel more secure knowing that there is an actual person on the other end of the video who actually cares about you and takes your needs into consideration. You can use personalized videos to reply to inbound leads, record health, safety, and wellness updates, record virtual tours, and follow-ups, and finally, continue ongoing communication with a residents’ family.

2. Act with Empathy

A prospective resident will feel that their interests and needs are valued and respected when you communicate and act with empathy towards them. Because video allows for nonverbal communication to really come through, simple things such as your tone of voice, body language, inflection, and even eye contact can convey empathy and a real understanding of their situation. 

3. Build Trust and Rapport

When you share specific and relatable success stories from fellow senior living residents, prospective residents can begin to build both trust and rapport with you. Resident testimonials can also help build a more positive experience within your senior living community, encouraging prospective leads to want to join that community. These testimonials can include information about community amenities, staff, culture, activities, and more. Seeing testimonials firsthand from a fellow resident can be incredibly helpful and powerful when making such an important decision.

4. Get Facetime (virtually)

Because face-to-face interactions tend to have the biggest impact between potential prospects and sales representatives, the easiest way to recreate that virtually is through personalized video messages. Geographic limitations and pandemic restrictions make it hard to actually meet in person but getting some facetime virtually can be just as effective. To achieve this virtual facetime, sales representatives can replace their plain text emails with recorded videos, virtual tours tailored specifically to their prospects, scheduling live virtual follow-ups, or sending personalized video messages.

5. Spend More Time on Fewer Leads

Yes…you read that correctly. If you want to be a successful virtual sales representative, the best thing you can do is spend more time on fewer leads. Prioritize quality leads over quantity for the best results. When you focus on quality leads and dedicate time to building a rapport with those prospects, you’re more likely to close those sales and create lasting relationships which can eventually lead to more sales through recommendations and word-of-mouth communication.

How personalized video can transform assisted living success

A personalized video message is a video recorded for a specific person and can add a personal touch to any of your outreach. Personalized videos can help you stand out in an inbox, especially a cluttered one while also creating a more memorable experience for your prospects and getting a clear message across. 

Personalized video is a great way to accomplish the five different strategies that we’ve mentioned above. Your assisted living marketing strategies can highly benefit from personalized video outreach. With assisted living videos, your senior care sales can be more focused on quality leads where you can foster relationships built on empathy and trust. When personalized care goes into creating videos for recipients, they’re more likely to feel heard and appreciated, which can lead to more sales. These senior living sales tips can help you optimize how you do business in a more effective way.

How to increase occupancy in senior living sales – free ebook

Now that you know how to increase sales senior living, it’s time to get started. We’ve created a free ebook that covers the value of personalized video in senior living sales, and 7 different use cases to start winning with video. These tactics are shown to improve engagement, raise resident satisfaction and retention, and lead to an increase in senior living occupancy.

If you want to learn more about how you can incorporate video messaging and communication into selling assisted living strategies, make sure to download our e-book today. Our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Occupancy With Personalized Video E-book will tell you everything you need to know about how and why you should consider introducing a personalized video messaging platform into your outreach. 

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