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How to Make a Sales Video

What’s a sales video? 

They’re personalized videos that involve a salesperson recording themselves with a webcam or smartphone. With a sales video, professionals offer more value, build personal connections, and shorten the sales cycle and close more deals.

You might be thinking to yourself, “sounds cool, but my team is used to sending plain-text emails and texts.”

Replacing your emails with a sales video is simple and straightforward. 

These videos only take about a minute or two to record and send. Plus, video messages will help your team stand out from your competitors. 

Watch a few examples in the video below! But don’t forget to keep reading to learn more about the best sales videos, using video for sales prospecting, how to make a sales video, and other tips.

Get More Responses with Video

The best sales videos are the ones that get responses and convert prospects into paying customers. There are many different types of video sales emails a sales rep can deliver, like funny sales videos or a basic introduction. 

We recommend sending a pitch to a new prospect at the beginning of the sales outreach for beginners. 

Using a video will give sales reps the face time they can’t always have with each prospect. These videos are short and simple, preferably under 60 seconds. Give the viewer a rundown of what your product is and why you’re reaching out.

Read our example below:

“Hey [Prospect]! My name is Katherine, and I am reaching out on behalf of Covideo. We’re Covideo, a tech company located in Indianapolis, and we specialize in personalized video – which is exactly what you see here. I’m reaching out because we are working with Universities to help them send a personalized video to prospective students. I’d love to show you what that looks like in a 10-15 minute meeting. Click the link below to schedule a time on my calendar. Take care!”

Pro Tip: If you need to re-record your video 2- 3 times, that’s okay, but remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, just authentic.

Using Video in Sales Emails

Let’s face it, videos are far more attractive than plain-text messages, and appearances matter when it comes to standing out in the inbox. 

Sales professionals, especially those that work remotely, need a video to build connections and form relationships with their prospects. 

Sales prospecting videos will grab your recipient’s attention and get your foot in the door faster.

Through Covideo’s software, sales reps can record, share, and track their messages. We understand that people want to do business with people, not technology. When a team adopts Covideo into their outreach, their recipients will watch a video message that illustrates a sales rep’s body language and hear their tone of voice and hand gestures. 

Now you can’t deny that seeing a smiling face is better than reading a wall of plain-text. 

Puls, Covideo make it easier for your team to provide clickable call-to-action buttons to share content like e-books, whitepapers, case studies, articles, or invite working prospects to webinars. 

Helpful resources like CTA buttons add value and demonstrate the expertise and insights your sales team bring along with your product or service.

Types of Sales Videos

Follow-up videos are beneficial when you’re trying to speed up the buying process. 

With a follow-up video message, a sales rep will want to keep their audience engaged and attentive. Try to keep these types of videos concise and under 2 minutes.

When using video for sales prospecting, it’s important to use personalization throughout the message. This includes holding up a whiteboard with the recipient’s name on it and referencing past conversations. 

Another type of sales video is a thank-you video. 

Thank-you emails are polite and leave a positive impact on a prospect or client. A sales rep will send a thank-you video after a cold call, demo, meeting, or receiving a referral. The options are endless. Check out the examples below!

“Hey, Sarah! It’s Jeff from Covideo. I wanted to reach out and thank you for taking my phone call. You mentioned you wanted to learn more about personalized video value, so I added some links that should inform you. Please reach out to me if you have any additional questions or concerns. I’m here to help you get the most out of Covideo. I look forward to connecting with you soon. Enjoy the rest of your week. Bye for now!”

Video isn’t just for prospecting. You can use personalized video throughout the entire buyer’s journey. 

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How to Make a Sales Video

Through Covideo’s software, you can record from your computer or cell phone. When you’re creating using video in sales, it’s essential to position yourself in front of natural lighting, remove any distractions in the background, and look at the camera.

All these factors make a sales video engaging. Plus, the recipient will focus on the sender and their message when there’s eye-contact and looks professional. Once the video is recorded, your team will need a video emailing platform to share the news.

With a Covideo, you’ll be able to receive instant email notifications when videos are viewed. Analyze video reports to track views, engagement, and clicks. Leverage admin reports seeing how the video is working for your team. 

Pro tip: A salesperson’s video doesn’t need to sound perfect. As long as a sales rep is offering value and is conveying care, your recipient will be more inclined to listen and take action. 

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Send Your First Video in Minutes

Video allows you to send messages more efficiently than ever before. Record yourself in minutes and make a more impactful experience for your buyer and client. 

There’s no secret sales video formula. The best video delivers information a customer needs while providing the customer experience they expect. 

Take your business relationships to the next level by utilizing video email throughout your sales process today. 

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