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Your Insurance Agent is Still Not Using Video?

In 2016, the insurance industry’s net premiums totaled $1.1 trillion from 5,977 insurance companies in the United States. In Europe, insurance is also one of the most profitable industries, generating premium income of €1.2 billion and directly employing 985,000 people. There is no question about the importance of insurance in the global economy all the way down to an individual’s life, but the real challenge is to overcome that huge gap between the insurers and their clients. Even though these big numbers show its significance, an average person will not understand the terms and conditions of insurance policies. That will lead to the same person having many doubts, questions and insecurities when talking to insurance agents. The perfect solution for this is an insurance agent who uses video to communicate with his or her clients. Here’s why:

Embracing video

Like many other industries, insurance has adopted digital technologies to increase communication efficiency and business performance in general. By using digital technologies insurers attract more premium customers, optimize loss prevention, enhance customer experience, etc. When we take all these benefits into consideration, it is just a matter of time before the insurance industry embraces video communication. Many insurance companies are already using video to improve their services and products, from claims and underwriting processes to internal employee engagement and client communication. 

Answer the right questions

Insurance agents strive to deliver their messages consistently and professionally to their clients. Of course, they want to sell and provide a delighting customer experience. For clients, it’s crucial that they are gaining vital information about their policy from their insurance agent. Trust is the key to building relationships with clients who are a little bit skeptic. Wouldn’t you be skeptical if somebody tried to sell you something you didn’t understand? Insurance companies are well aware of how this agent-client communication is actually a void. That void is filled with a lot of complicated and unknown words. Therefore, video communication can be used to shorten the distance between them. Instead of reading never-ending descriptions and conditions about various policies, think about your client.

How would your client feel if he or she received a personalized video? That would save a lot of their time and create more effective communication between you. Not to mention how much it would increase your options to actually sell that policy!

Be the agent people trust

Insurance agents using video is definitely a reliable solution that helps agents and their clients. Nowadays, there are fewer opportunities for them to meet in person to build beneficial relationships. Forget about talking on the phone with people about such important concerns. Forget about writing insanely long emails in which you will probably forget some details. Save your time and energy! Just record a video of yourself explaining the things your client wants to know. Show the client who is behind that advice and explanations. Moreover, allow yourself to become more than just a no-name agent who they bumped into. Use video emails to establish meaningful relationships. Don’t just sell policies, become an agent people trust and come back to.

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