Video and Email

Create Stories Instead of Sending Plain Newsletters

What is the most powerful tool used in online marketing? No doubt, it was and still is the newsletter, and with video in newsletters, it’s only getting more powerful. It provides a more casual approach to sales by inserting articles and industry updates or even pieces of advice, special offers and many more. There is just one problem with everything that proves to be effective: everyone uses it. So, how to stand out from among other companies that use newsletters to communicate with their online community?

Why not recording it?

Keeping your customers and recipients engaged is not easy, especially if you know that your newsletter is not the only one they will receive that day. What if you replace that large amount of text with a video? Nothing can engage better than video, and in today’s digital world, the video is the most popular format to inform, educate and entertain people. If you work in a small or medium-sized company, you can record a video of your CEO saying a few words to your readers. If you work in a larger company, managers from different departments can give an insight on trends or predictions.

Inserting video into newsletters

Convert the text into video and save your time, engage your audience and deliver a creative material to your customers. Give a video review of current trends or extend a personal video invitation to an upcoming seminar, convention or sales event. When you start inserting videos into your newsletters, be sure to keep it creative, fresh, consistent and informative. Being creative always pays off so put enough energy into your promotional videos as you would do it with text. Your newsletters recipients will connect with someone who will think about their interests and know what is important to them.

When adding videos to your newsletters, you should remember these things:

  1. Have one focus on your video.
  2. Build a story around that focus.
  3. Stay informative but spice it up with creativity.
  4. Let the text completes the video, not vice versa.
  5. Make it memorable.

Where to place which video? 

Before you start recording, be sure you know where it will fit into the video in newsletters and what is the purpose of it. If it’s the introduction video from your CEO, it should be the first information recipients see. Start the video in newsletters with greetings and announce what information is waiting for the recipients. You can even look back to your previous newsletters and mention your updates or share the ideas that be will incorporate into future newsletters.


Company update

If it’s an update about your company, it should be placed in the middle of your newsletter. Letting your audience know that your latest project got an award in a local contest or announcing an opened job position is the type of information you will put right behind your information that is on the top. There is a difference between informing your audience about how good you are and just bragging about it. The spot where you place the information in your newsletter is that difference.

Testimonial videos

A video from your customer who wants to share his satisfaction, insert it at the end of your newsletter. Some might think that makes it less important, but the truth completely the opposite. Sometimes it’s more important what is at the end of your newsletter. If you include testimonial video there, you will actually create a story rather than just a plain newsletter. And who doesn’t like these types of video in newsletters? Share the happy moments you have with your newsletter recipients and invite them to become part of it!

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