How to record a perfect property walkaround

In the real estate world, every successful story begins with a persuasive presentation. Real estate agents are aware that without a good presentation, their clients will not have enough information to decide whether they should purchase the property or not. With the increase of video usage, real estate agents have turned to record property walkaround to create a more persuasive presentation for their clients. To make sure that you give them a complete picture, we bring you a few things you should keep in mind when recording property walkaround:

1. Record in landscape mode

With all the innovations on the mobile phones market, especially with the camera improvements, users are trying various options to record the best video. The most important criteria for good video material is definitely the landscape mode. Even though a portrait can seem like the logical way to get a good video, keep in mind that videos are mostly viewed on a big screen. Just watching them on a mobile phone is reducing quality. Recording property walkaround in landscape mode will ensure the viewer gets the best presentation of the property. Like that, he will be able to make more informed decisions.

2. Watch the angle

Even a perfect property can lose its beauty if you are recording it from the wrong angle. It may seem like a small detail, but choosing the best angle will show the property as it looks like in real life. For example, if you record the rooms or objects from a bird’s-eye view they will seem smaller than they actually are. Recording property walkaround from the lower perspective will result in the opposite outcome. To get your client interested in a property, your video has to be authentic. The best solution would be that you record the property from the eye level angle because it is the only way you will provide your clients with a neutral and authentic material. Remember that clients will not buy a property before seeing it for themselves. That is why you need to try to avoid misguidance in any way.

3. Light it up

When showing houses, don’t forget about the lighting. The perfect lighting for a property means that a subject is illuminated by a bright source of light. The objects in or around the property will not only be brighter, but the viewer will also see them clearer. The easiest way to use the best lightning possible is recording property walkaround during the daylight. As many real estate agents love to show properties during the day, the same rule applies to the recording property walkaround.

Use natural light as often as you can. Applying filter on a dark video can just destroy it. Secondly, we know that flashlights on our phones help us to find the light in dark times. Use that option only when you don’t have the alternative. Lighting plays a bigger role in videography than photography because it’s easy to brighten or apply a filter and get away with a dark photo. Be careful because doing the same to a video can destroy its quality. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that your subject is illuminated by a bright source of light that’s ideally behind you. Also, your smartphone’s flashlight should only be used as an absolute last resort.

4. Forget about zooming

How many times have you zoomed when taking videos? Trust us, everything above zero is too much. It may seem great when recording family gatherings but avoid it as much as you can when recording property walkaround. Smartphone cameras are still not that good at zooming in and out of subjects. So, if you need to focus on something, get up close slowly and then retreat the same way. For example, if you are recording in the kitchen and you want to show that beautiful dining table, you should make a few steps towards it and let the viewer see every detail of it. So, the next time when you record a walkaround, keep in mind that a perfect property can lose its beauty because of poor recording skills. Remember, recording the right way will brighten your customers’ day. 

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