Take a Break for Productivity!

It’s no lie that spending too much time in the office can make you go a bit stir crazy. Taking regular breaks throughout the day has been believed to be an easy and enjoyable way to boost productivity and help your mind regroup. However, experts are now saying a certain type of break is more effective than others. Business development expert, Anna Johansson believes, “Ideally, you should encourage your employees to use their breaks in creative ways. Instead of wasting time playing mind-numbing smartphone games or eating fatty foods from the vending machine.”
Associate professor of management at the University of Toronto, John Trougakos agrees with Johansson and states that “Disconnecting from work can do wonders for people’s energy and mindset.” He also cited a recent study that showed 59% of employees claimed more breaks would improve their work happiness and 43% say it would even boost their personal happiness as well. So if you’re lacking motivation and have the case of the 3 pm jitters, don’t feel bad. Get out of the office and take a break — It will boost your productivity and maybe even your overall happiness.
Read more here why “creative breaks” are better for your employees.

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