Mortgage: Video Email Applications

Mortgage rates have officially increased, making competition among lenders even more fierce in an industry where there is already little differentiation between what is offered. Taking extra measures to stand out and provide superior customer service is more important than it’s ever been. Luckily, there are many video email applications in the mortgage industry available in today’s market.

Hence the video email. Video email has the ability to improve name recognition and prospect-to-sale conversions. Let’s not forget  the overall impressions of a broker and the business they represent. A video is often the only way to have personal, visual communication during the mortgage process.  It literally puts a face to a name and makes the broker seem more approachable and service oriented.

Video email applications in the mortgage industry

Here are some of the tangible ways mortgage brokers can distinguish themselves from their competitors by using video email:

  1. Lead Follow-up – Send an introduction or special offer video response to incoming leads.
  2. Product Information – Highlight the various mortgage options available to customers.
  3. Services Offered – Explain the methods used to find the right mortgage for each individual.
  4. FAQ’s – Answer the most common questions people ask about mortgages.
  5. Rate Updates– Send out updates when rates change to stimulate interest (like now!)
  6. Choosing the Right Mortgage – Help clients make sense of fixed, ARM, reversed amortization, and interest only mortgage loans.
  7. Credit Score Importance – Emphasize the importance of building and maintaining a high credit score.
  8. Explain the Mortgage Process – Both experienced and first-time home buyers will benefit from an outline of the mortgage process.
  9. Mortgage Terms – Send a video explaining the terms of a selected mortgage.
  10. Refinance Offers – Deliver periodic refinance offers-especially when rates go down.
  11. Appointment Reminders – A quick reminder helps busy people stay on track.
  12. Seminar Invitations – Brokers can quickly and easily promote seminars with a video email to their contact list.

Don’t forget about:

  1. How to Avoid Foreclosure – Send clients helpful video emails on subjects like ‘Avoiding Foreclosure’ with options available to them.
  2. Video Newsletter – Many brokers email periodic newsletters to their client base. Send a video newsletter instead for a more lively and entertaining touch.
  3. Testimonials – Videos of satisfied clients can make a huge impression on prospects.
  4. Public Relations – Mention community efforts, sponsorships, and local events.
  5. Thank You – Always send a video email ‘thank you’ to a client at the close of a transaction.
  6. Special Occasions – Keep in touch with clients throughout the year on holidays and special occasions (birthday, anniversary).
  7. Referral Requests – Sending a short, heartfelt request to satisfied customers is a great way to generate more referrals.

Now, you know how you can use video email applications in the mortgage industry. Finally, start utilizing them and record your videos!


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