We offer three methods for sending video email

Did you know….. we offer three methods for sending video emails? Whether you’re on the go or in the office, CoVideo is ready to connect you to associates, customers and prospects.
Web Version Our Web Version can be accessed on any computer with a camera. Simply login into your CoVideo account and click on Video Email. The recorder pops up ready to record and send your video. It’s just that easy!
Desktop Version Our Desktop Version is downloaded onto your computer and offers the same ease of use, plus features such as scripts, video upload, insert media, contacts and video library-right on the recorder!
App Version Take Covideo with you wherever you go! With the Covideo mobile apps, you can record and store videos in your Covideo library without being tethered to your desk. Use it to record a personalized video when you are out of the office or for a product demonstration. The possibilities are endless. The Covideo mobile apps also allow you to send a video via text message, adding yet another tool to your marketing tool belt. All three versions provide reports that make tracking your videos a breeze! Take advantage of CoVideo’s Web and Desktop Video Email to send videos anytime, anywhere!
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