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10 Types of Videos Every Business Needs

Gone are the days when a video strategy was something only the wealthiest organizations could afford. Nowadays, video content has taken over the internet and become the preferred medium for consumers to learn about products and services. There are so many different types of videos your business can create, it’s just a matter of what to prioritize based on your goals.

But, with so many options out there, it can be difficult to narrow in on which videos your business should be creating, especially if you’re new to it all. There are so many various types of videos, and understanding when to use each type can be overwhelming.

It’s common to see video content used across all departments – not just marketing videos for business! Video has the power to convert more sales opportunities, offer top-notch customer service, grow your brand, and much much more.

We’ll dive into the top 10 types of videos for businesses and the benefits each have on your overall video strategy. Check out the video below to discover the different types of videos for business, or read more about them below!

10 Types of Videos for Businesses

1. Explainer videos

One of the first types of videos to add to your video strategy: explainer videos. Explainer videos are short videos that provide an overview of your company’s products and services. Typically, these videos live on your website’s homepage or a landing page. Their goal is to educate top-of-the-funnel buyers. Chances are these videos are a viewers first interaction with your brand so refrain from covering all the ins and outs, and rather, stick to a basic overview. You should include four key components of these videos – the problem, the solution, how it works, and a call to action – all while making them compelling to keep the viewer engaged. 

2. Product overviews

As the title suggests, product overview videos dive into a deeper explanation of your product or service. If your product is highly complex and difficult to explain using text alone, explaining the details in a video format makes it easier for the prospect to understand.

These videos show your product in action and highlights the how-tos, features, and smaller details. Product videos will guide buyers who are in the consideration stage to learn more the product and the solution it offers. For an example, check out Covideo’s product overview video here. These types of videos are a must-have when crafting a digital video strategy. 

3. Testimonial videos

Wise marketers know that the most persuasive and credible messages don’t come from sales reps or email campaigns. Instead, they come from satisfied customers. And therefore, are a must in your video strategy.

Including positive video testimonials from your customers have proven to be extremely powerful in influencing consumer decisions. Why? Simply put, people are more likely to purchase something that other people are already buying. If others have faith in your brand, they can too. 

Research suggests 92% of customers said they look to testimonials prior to making a purchase decision. To top it off, over 70% of participants said positive video testimonials significantly increased their trust of that business.

Capturing these testimonials in video aids their effectiveness since video conveys more emotion and authenticity. Share these types of videos on your website, in video email marketing campaigns, and post them to social media. 

4. Social media videos

Onto one of the most common types of videos: social media videos. Social media videos create brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. These videos are common when scrolling through Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. These sites are often crowded with content, so when debating different ideas and what types of videos for social media to create, engagement is key. Your social media videos need to be captivating enough to draw the viewer’s attention and engaging enough to hold it. With that in mind, keep these videos short and sweet (under 60 seconds) to maintain engagement.

5. Personalized videos

Now, perfect your video strategy with personalized videos. Personalized videos are much different from traditional types of videos like the polished, marketing videos we’ve discussed previously. Personalized video emails are short, one-off videos designed for individuals or small groups, and therefore, are highly personalized. Rather than writing a traditional email, you would quickly record your message in video format and send it off via email or text. Using a video messaging platform like Covideo makes this a seamless process, allowing you to record your message and send it out with a video landing page with clickable calls to action buttons. 

These videos do not require hefty budgets or technical gear,  all you need is a webcam on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Don’t worry about perfection – the intention of these videos is to be real and relatable, delivering your message how you would in person. 

Personalized videos can be used across all departments but are used primarily in sales and customer service. 

Check out an example of a personalized video here and if you prefer, see the full Covideo experience, with a branded landing page and CTA buttons.

6. Sales videos 

Using personalized videos in your sales process is like the secret weapon for your sales team. People want to do business with people, not technology. Rather than sending traditional emails, send a video message throughout all stages of the sales process – this puts a face to a name and sends the reminder that you are in fact, human.

Use video prospecting to stand out in the inbox and catch your recipient’s attention, and continue using video throughout the follow-up process to strengthen your relationship and build that foundation of trust between you and the customer. Using these types of videos helps you get your foot in the door, shortens the sales cycles, and closes more sales opportunities.

Interested in using video in sales? Reach out to us and someone from our team will be in touch shortly. Can’t wait and want to get started now? Lucky for you, you can start sending sales videos today with a Covideo free trial.

7. Company culture videos

Every company has its own culture, and nowadays, the work environment is a key factor when determining job fit. There really is no secret formula to creating these types of videos, every business will do it a little differently! Some use the company culture video like a promo to encourage people to apply for a job, whereas others showcase the business’s core values and mission. Regardless, this video should be authentic and speak on behalf of your organization. 

8. How-tos

When figuring something out that’s a bit complex, video is your best solution. Using a video message platform like Covideo allows you to record yourself, screen or both which is helpful when needing to explain something in detail. Your customer service team can record how-to videos as demonstrations for customers who need some extra guidance. This redefines what it means to delight your customers with personalized support. Or, record how to videos and share them internally amongst your team when collaborating, teaching a new skill, or onboarding a team member. Fun fact: how-to and instructional types of videos are the most commonly watched on Youtube.

9. Promotional videos 

Promotional videos generate buzz surrounding a new product, feature, or event attendance. With video, viewers can see, hear, and feel your excitement surrounding a new product or initiative. This showcases your passion and allows everyone to join in the hype! These types of videos are traditionally used by marketing teams to raise awareness and generate excitement amongst employees and customers!

10. Live video conferencing 

I’m sure these types of videos are all too common for us nowadays. Now this doesn’t require any production skills, but as remote work quickly becomes the new normal, it’s essential to continue getting that face-to-face time with coworkers, clients, you name it! And when in-person meetings aren’t possible, video is your next best solution. Next time you have to jump on a call, turn on that dreaded webcam. It adds a personal touch to the conversation and allows you to connect person-to-person rather than device-to-device. 

Start creating all types of videos for business

As you build your video content marketing strategy, you’ll soon realize that there is no shortage of potential types of videos to choose from depending on your needs.

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