Show Off Your Vehicles with Video Messages

When choosing a vehicle, buyers’ must-have lists vary. Some buyers are concerned with having the top safety features, such as a dependable braking system, while others may not care about the features at all. Instead, they might be interested in purchasing a vehicle that falls within their budget. Regardless of the requirements for each individual buyer, a car salesman must find the best vehicle that fits the customer’s needs.

Once the perfect vehicle is found, the sales rep needs to get the customer in the store to see for themselves. Of course, this is a lot more challenging than it sounds. Whether it’s due to time, distance from the dealership, or just lack of interest, customers have multiple reasons to not come into the dealership. So, it may take some creativity to encourage an in-store visit.

Upgrade Your Strategy

That’s when video comes in to save the day (again). Video gives sales reps the ability to show the customer the vehicle they’re interested in, and all of its amazing features, without having the customer step in the store. In the auto world, seeing is believing. Telling a customer about the new speaker system and smooth leather seats isn’t nearly as enticing as them seeing it for themselves – from the comfort of their own home.

In 2019, 72% of car buyers said they would visit dealerships more often if there was a better car buying process. Sending the customer a personalized video recorded specifically for them, provides a personalized view of the car they’re looking for, while creating a memorable customer experience. Video improves the car buying experience for customers and is the driving force behind getting the customer in the store to purchase the vehicle.

Getting Started

The process is as simple as stepping out on the lot, hitting record and sending it directly to the customer off your mobile device or desktop. Take a look at the steps below for tips on how to record the best vehicle walkaround video.

  1. Show a full side or front view of the vehicle to show the customer exactly what vehicle you’re recording.
  2. Walk around the exterior of the vehicle showcasing important features, such as the rims and turn signals.
  3. Be transparent and reveal any small scratches or dents so there are no surprises if the customer comes in to see it.
  4. Move to the interior and highlight any features the customer was asking about, such as the stereo system or seat material and color.
  5. Invite them to the store to see the car in person!

Increase Sales

Vehicle walkarounds show customers the vehicles they’re interested in without the extra pressure of being followed around by a salesperson. Ultimately, this builds trust and a better relationship because they have the freedom to decide if they want to move forward with the sales process without the insistence of their sales rep. Including vehicle walkarounds as one of your “sales rep tips and tricks” will lead to more sold vehicles and better customer experiences.

Want to incorporate video as part of your customer outreach?

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