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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Jewelry Online

In 2018, over 29 million people purchased jewelry online.
With stats like these, it’s safe to say that the business of buying bling online is booming.
Growth in the global jewelry market is being fueled by the massive shift to e-commerce. The online fine jewelry market is expected to capture 10% of the market by 2020, while online fashion jewelry sales are expected to capture 15%.
Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable shopping online, which only means that the online jewelry market will continue to grow.
But the competition is fierce. Businesses selling jewelry online are already capitalizing on the opportunity in this market. They’re coming up with innovative ways to draw in more customers through personalization to even home trial options.
How can you get a piece of that pie?
Combine the only two things you need to combat your competitors: video and Covideo’s ultimate guide to selling jewelry online.

Covideo’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Jewelry Online

First thing’s first. Let’s cover why you should be selling jewelry online.
Jewelry is a billion-dollar market, and because jewelry is a consumer product, its boundaries are non-existent! It also appeals to men and women of all ages and cultures. With this in mind, you can be confident you’ll never be short on buyers!
Additionally, jewelry is incredibly diverse. From rings to bracelets to necklaces offered in a variety of mediums such as gold, silver, diamonds (and more), the options can make your head spin.
If a product so small can be sold to such a diverse audience, then the secret lies in how to make your online jewelry offer stand out.

Why sell jewelry online?

Online shopping is a convenient and easy option for shoppers living outside of major metropolitan areas. People who live in cities typically have more access to a wide range of jewelry shops. However, in the suburbs, options for jewelry-buying are much more limited to chains like Zales. If these customers are looking for variety, then the internet is the only convenient option.
Additionally, buying jewelry in person can often be an uncomfortable experience. In the traditional store buying process, all of the jewelry is behind a glass case, and customers have to point to pieces they would like to see. Typically, the prices are also hidden, and asking for the price might make some buyers feel uneasy. If they walk out without making a purchase, they often feel guilty for wasting a sales associate’s time.
Selling jewelry online gives your business the opportunity to put your entire inventory on display. The web literally hosts the largest collection of diamond jewelry. With a quick Google search, customers can find everything from detailed necklaces to stunning diamond rings and timeless gold earrings. Buyers can browse different websites and collections to find the perfect diamond bracelet, engagement ring or pearl necklace. People want to find exactly what they’re looking for, and they also want to see the prices right away.

Not only is it easier, it’s faster to find a diamond online.

The greatest luxury with buying jewelry online is its convenience. All the customer has to do is select their piece, fill out their information and order with just one click. The entire process can be completed at your desk.
Shopping for jewelry online gives customers more freedom. They can buy diamonds online 24/7, compare prices at their leisure, and click out of the online store without any obligation to purchase.
Sell jewelry online using video
To make your online shop stand out from the competition, we suggest using video! Video gives you the chance to provide a more detailed and personalized experience for the buyer, even when they can’t be there in-person.

Here are 5 ways you can include video in your online-jewelry-selling process:

Show off your jewelry products

You obviously don’t want to overwhelm potential customers with huge paragraphs of text detailing every item. That’s where video comes in. In addition to the standard product images you’ll have on your site, why not provide a short video offering concise and descriptive information for every piece of jewelry?
In the video, you can show jewelry up close and from different angles, while explaining the details of the piece. Most buyers want to know exactly what they’re about to potentially invest thousands of dollars in. By providing a strong product description via video, including the quality of the materials used in the design up front, your customers will have a clear understanding of the product.
Bonus: Videos can also help you improve your search rankings!


Everyone loves a good story.
With video you can showcase your jewelry creation process give customers a behind-the-scenes look into how each piece is made.
This is especially useful for handmade products! Wouldn’t you want to see the intricate detail that went into crafting your unique piece of jewelry?
Personalized jewelry selection
If the customer can’t come to your store, why don’t you bring your excellent customer service to them?
If you receive an inquiry online, respond with a personalized video email. Answer the customer’s questions and let them know that you’d be happy to assist them in the jewelry-buying process.
Present yourself as their own personal jewelry assistant. You can even use video to send them clips of pieces you think they might be interested in, or to provide more detail on a specific product.
Don’t forget to send them a “thank you” email once they’ve made a purchase!

Give customers a sneak peek

Giving customers a sneak peek into your upcoming collections or new releases is a great way of keeping the customer relationship alive.
Use video email to reach out to a previous customer who you think might be interested in a particular piece of jewelry, or a new collection.
Better yet, keep track of wedding anniversaries and send them a video email telling them that you were thinking about them and their upcoming anniversary! Let them know that you have the perfect gift idea for their significant other.
This is applicable to both men and women. A customer’s wife might love to receive an elegant necklace, sparkling diamond earrings or something from your exclusive sapphire collection. On the other hand, men might be interested in getting a new pair of sterling silver cuff links or perhaps a watch that they’ve been eyeing for a while.

Product reviews

Last, but not least, be sure to include customer testimonials!
These are the most powerful videos you’ll ever have in your library.
Include a video of a customer gushing about how much their fiance loved the engagement ring they purchased from your online store, or about how the customer experience your team provided was top notch.
By showing your potential clients how much their peers were satisfied with your jewelry, you help make them believe that they’ll enjoy the same experience.

There you have it

Now you have all the tools you need to shine!
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